Emir Hazir - Corrupt Systems Techno Podcast - March 2016

Though Turkey may seem like an unlikely place for Techno, following in the tradition of fellow countrymen Len Faki and Butch; it is the home of a true hidden gem in Emir Hazir. Starting his career in music as a DJ at a popular turkish radio station, he discovered the world of production through a chance encounter with some analog gear at a friend's house in 2004. He immediately fell in love and the rest is history. Emir eventually moved onto software and spent the following years teaching himself how to produce by studying manuals, tutorials, and music as he gradually learned and refined his sound. His diligence paid off and Emir finally released his first EP, the formidable “Come Closer EP” on Feierkind Records in 2011.

Since then Emir Hazir hasn't looked back, leaving a long trail of releases on Black Brook Ltd, Login Records, Hit Musik, Terminus Audio and many more. Though Emir may joke about his english being dodgy – his music is anything but. Emir Hazir has a cerebral approach to his productions – esoteric and effective; every polished sound has a purpose with an extreme attention to detail. An in-demand producer and remixer, his tracks have found their way into the hands of Stevie Wilson, Paul Blauth, Ideal Flow, Marika Rossa, Marcus Reichel, Monktec, Herbert He, Brett Hit, Peat Noise, Stephan Koenigk, AudioDistraction and more. Now aligning himself with Terminus Audio and Management, Emir will no doubt be making a serious impact on the terrain of techno in the months and years to come.

Booking / Info / Remix, send mail to terminusaudio@gmail.com


  1. 14anger - Hasta (Original) [Tripalium Records]
  2. David Temessi - Awakening (Redhead Mix) [DSR Digital]
  3. D-Unity - Bounce (Original) [Funk'n Deep Records]
  4. Fixon - Mis Muertos (DJ Hyperactive Remix) [Nachtstrom Schallplatten]
  5. Michel Lauriola - Poligonal (Original) [Counter Pulse]
  6. Guidewire - Colony (Original) [Darknet]
  7. Silentcell - Analog A (Original) [NPR Limitless]
  8. Tunnel - Nostalgia (Original) [Different Is Different Records]
  9. Jamie Haus - Absolute Zero (Original) [Planet Rhythm]
  10. Ryuji Takeuchi - Scattered (Original) [Blind Spot Music]
  11. Pepperwave - Mad Experiment (Original) [Corrupt Systems]
  12. Rodrigo Risso - Colours On The Dark (Original) [Zoowork Music]
  13. Drop-E - 4th Dimension (Original) [Subraum Records]
  14. Marco Bailey - Sweetbox (Original) [Bonzai Classics]

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