Chicago House legend Tyree Cooper did a set for us in April 12 2010. And here it is.

Bonus story about the song "I Fear The Night":

Well, myself, Mike Dunn and Hugo H., we had been friends for the last 100,000 years [laughs]... Theseguys are my brothers. We used to run this club called "My House". It was called the Sheba Disco at first. That's where people like Lil' Louis and Lil' John used to get their start from back in the day. It was like 87th & Ashland. We took it over - me and Mike slept in that place. We were into that club. We slept in that MF, because we threw our parties in there.

Mike met Marshall [Jefferson] first and Marshall asked if he could bring his equipment to the club. A 707, 808, 727, 303 - everything Marshall had...

We were like, "Since you're not using this 808, can we give you $20 and borrow it for like a week?" Marshall said, "Yeah, aight man, cool, I'm not using it right now." We had the MF for like six months! It went between me, Mike & Hugo. We had that for a while.

Eventually Marshall was like, "Where's my 808?" "Oh, Mike's got it." Mike would say, "Hugo's got it." Hugo would say, "No, Mike's got it," or "No, Tyree's got it."

Then I got it and gave it back to him. So "I Fear The Night" came up out of that. I just wanted to do a record and have a drum machine. Me, Hugo and Mike worked on the drums but by the time I got to the studio I couldn't remember which patterns were which, so I had to try to figure it out. It would have come out a bit different if I remembered the patterns. I think the second part of it with the snare rolls was Hugo's influence. I'm not even too sure. I lost the tape with the shit that was on it.

From there, I just called up DJ International and said, "Hey, I got a tune I want to play for y'all." I was kind of going down there anyway to pick up records from Benji [Espinoza]. I was trying to get free records.


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    7:00   Azari & III - Reckless (With Your Love)
    24:00   Melissa Rapp - Lapsed
    31:00   Upz - noiZ (Abicah Soul Mix)
    36:40   Phil R. - Agape Love
    41:40   Tyree - Just Feel It
    1:09:00   Peven Everett - Special
    1:21:40   Tyree - New Vocal Mix
    1:28:00   Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey

    Deep House, ACID, Hip House
    • Type: DJ-Set
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