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Moïse (Moses) is not a a cat i owned.
But i can proudly say i saved his life 3 times within a few months.

And he became the symbol of my personal fight for cats tested positive with F.I.V (Feline Immunodediciency Virus), the feline equivalent for human A.I.D.S.

10 years ago, when i first get in the shelter i often talk about, thoose cats would be euthanised or transfered to other organisations (actually 80% were euthanised). This for no good reason at all.
When i took this shelter in charge, i decided to keep all thoose cats and to find them a home as every other cats.

And Moïse was the first of them.
I had to fight hard to avoid him being killed by injection (secondth time was close one actually)
I even had to take him away from the shelter in a safe place while i was settling down the FIV cats situation within the shelter policy.
At first, I had to fight against everyone's opinion inside this organisation, and then convince and make them change their mind to accept thoose cats, which took me some months.
But i finally manage to do it, and Moïse gentleness helped a lot for it.
Actually it is him who finally convinced everyone just because he was so nice and such a golden cat.

And now 10 years after this shelter still rescue and care of thoose particular cats.
Morover, the others pet protection orgs and shelters around Poitiers also started to keep their FIV's cats following our exemple.
So i maybe saved Moïse life 3 times...but his action did saved the life of hundreds other cats after him in the whole area.

This is why Moïse means so much for me and to all volunteer of our shelter.
He did win my fight !!!!

I don't tell you the story of the 3rd time i saved him as it would take some extra paragraphs :) :) )
Just tell you he got adopted after some times by a young couple and he finally got a very nice...ANG LONG...life.

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