This podcast is in English as I have two international Guests: Tuulia Syvänen and Pete Jordan, Facilitators in Radical Honesty. They brought this theory and work of Brad Blanton to Europe.

In this episode we talk about what being radical honest means. What the difference is between being radical honest and brutally honest.
We talk about how honesty brings more love and connection between people.
I went to a retreat and we did a lot of excursuses to become more honest. We will discus some of those tools you can do at home.
We talk about the mind and how it is a meaning making machinery of reality and that it is important to see the difference between facts and stories.
They mention how stereotypes, judgements and more specifically racism works.
We talk about how they bring taboes like sex, money, loneliness, anger and depression into the light so the shame around disappears.

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