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    A Warp Records Tribute Mix (Mixed By StriCt)

    A Warp Records Tribute Mix (Mixed By StriCt) by StriCt
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Profile description of StriCt:

Dutch DJ / Producer StriCt, have been traveling the uncharted terrains of music for over 15 years now and has developed himself as one of the most opinionated and versatile artists who found in The Netherlands. A shy and modest artist who likes to keep a shroud of secrecy around himself.. StriCt's musical inspiration is taken from Ambient, Avant Garde, Bass, , Drum&Bass, Dubstep, Grime, IDM, Minimal, Obscure Electronica, Soundscapes and so much more..

In recent years, he has evolved and showed his many musical sides in a clear way to his fans, as StriCt or as one of his aliases.
From 2000 till 2006 he played lot's of local, regional and european venues as StriCt, Knëttertøps, Jûhroen, Noise_A_Rush, Rosto&StriCt or Puzzelstukken.

From 2006 till 2011 he played together with Dutch DJ, Ronald Stoop as; Rosto&StriCt
Together they searched the boundaries on both their performance-gear as well as their choice of records.. Always merging genres into a collage of soulful Techno grooves and unique Minimal atmospheres.

From 2010 till 2011 StriCt was asked for a short collaboration with the very talented Lunapark Ensemble. Lunapark played classical interpretations from artists like Aphex Twin, Massive Attack, Steve Reich and Phillip Glass.
StriCt made a few remixes of there interpretations but only one of those remixes was released on CD, wich came out on LP Records in 2011. Lunapark Ensemble doesn't exists any more.

In that same year he continued making his well known Phreakin' mix compilations. After a 2 year stop he decided to look for a new sound, which resulted in a perfect combination of Deep Dubstep, Trippy Electronica, Funky Grime, Sick Drumstep and Jump-up Drum&Bass.
His First mix; Phreakin' (Dubstep Sessions 1.0) even won a highly regarded mix-competition on DJBroadcast.nl
Thanks to this winning mix he got the chance to play at the French festival SnowAttack, where he eventually played a closing set after the world famous act "Pendulum".

From 2011 till today, StriCt started his latest project "Puzzelstukken" (wich means Puzzelpieces), together with Dutch DJ Myrinx..
The versatility of StriCt's musical knowledge and expertise in the studio and the great ideas and additions in studiowork and/or on stage from Myrinx!
They reached new heights with this promising act. They developed a unique blend of genre's during the production of there own tracks and there DJ-gigs.. Their performances can be best described as "A triply wobbly adventure for everyone with ears".
Unfortunately DJ Myrinx passed away december 24th 2015 at the age of just 40.. All due to the terrible disease ALS...
But Puzzelstukken still exists, concept changed a bit.
Now Puzzelstukken can be seen as a collective of ispirational (musical) artists working and experimenting together to always give you a new and exciting experience!!!

    0:00   01. Introduction - Perverted Science
    0:10   02. Prefuse 73 - Nuno
    1:14   03. Chok Rock - Happy Man
    3:01   04. Autechre - Dael
    6:08   05. The Black Dog - Nommo
    10:18   06. Mira Calix - Sparrow
    14:01   07. Gescom - Mag Ae Remix
    15:42   08. Autechre - Nil
    19:51   09. Richard H. Kirk - Reality Net
    23:00   10. Jimi Tenor - Wear My Bikini
    25:07   11. Freeform - Many
    26:25   12. Boards Of Canada - Turquoise Hexagon Sun
    28:33   13. Gescom - Keynell1
    30:25   14. Autechre - Nuane
    35:47   15. Luke Vibert - I Love Acid
    39:17   16. Beaumont Hannant - Utuba
    44:07   17. Autechre - Garbagemx
    47:53   18. Luke Vibert - Synthax
    49:34   19. Aphex Twin - Delphium
    52:45   20. B12 - Infinite Lites (Primitives Mix)
    56:48   21. Higher Intelligence Agency - Selinite
    1:02:33   22. Autechre - Crystel
    1:05:23   23. DJ Mink - Hey! Hey! Can U Relate (Hard Rap)
    1:08:36   24. Musicology - Telefone 529
    1:11:41   25. Caustic Window - Cordialatron
    1:14:40   26. V.L.A.D. - Motion Institute
    1:16:10   27. Two Lone Swordsmen - Rotting Hill (Two Lone Swordsmen Remix)
    1:21:41   28. Joey Beltram - Electric
    1:23:41   29. Mystic Institute - QA_752_LP (Reload Remix)
    1:27:22   30. Kenny Larkin - ESP
    1:31:15   31. Aphex Twin - Cornish Acid
    1:33:30   32. Phoenecia - Intercpnkt
    1:37:10   33. Aphex Twin - Start As You Mean To Go On
    5:5:10:00   34. Autechre - Glitch
    5:9:22:00   35. Jega - Norton Midgate

    electronica, IDM, electronic, WARP, Warp Records
    • 90 bpm
    • Key: Ebm
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