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Mixing is like conducting an orchestra. It's a sad thing that technology can make anybody a Dj.
I'm a pretty old guy. I know who invented speed garage and members of klubbheads nicknames. I started djing in 1997 in my hometown. There was no info about "process of djing" and much less ways of getting new music. I've bought used cd-players and a mixer and invented the whole process for myself. I listened a lot of cd-mixes by legendary dj's of late 90's (and they are legends today that's happened). As for me a dj-mix should tell a story, should sound fluent and conceptual. That's why I name all of them differently. And they sound different from each other. I'm a music collector and my library of tracks can cover the work of FM radio station. I played thousands of live sets and mixed hundreds of studio dj sets. I've got a big amount of alive followers and friends, but almost nobody on the INTERNET. I've never had any promotional crew and never payed for advertisements. I have no accounts in any social network. But I use messengers and anybody can contact me directly. (Telegram: @ShaurmaShowroom ).
If you're a music lover (not fan), if dj mixes are your secret weapon against that shit that surrounds us. If you still own a bunch of mixed cd's that reminds you about good'ol' times - this is for YOU. Check my profile, run through all the titles and choose yours. Do it without analyses - intuitively. Then listen to it loud without skips and pauses. Feel the tickle in your soul, get hypnotized by the music. Sign up, like or message me your thoughts. And help me find my INTERNET auditory. Or tell me how miserable and boring are my dj mixes, so I can go and find an office job.
Let me shake your hand. Find me in Telegram: @ShaurmaShowroom
Feedback or argue with me. All accepted.
Also check my pages on other platforms. All links are here. You will probably find mixes uploaded only in that web platform.

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    Benni Matern - War on Drugs [Beans and Bacon]
    SuperHuman(UK) - Self Discovery [Intellect Records]
    J Matin - Soul (Original Mix)
    GoldRed - Ketknights (Original Mix)
    Luis Meza - Love [Phenomenal]
    TON MOIZ - Silence (Original Mix)
    Raized - Arkadia (Original Mix)
    JUST2 & Luca M - This World (Tech1ne Remix) [Hibernation]
    TwoSlice - 14FIVE (Original Mix)
    Papa Marlin, Bondar - Little Paranoid (Original Mix)
    Cristobal Muchacho - Back to me (Original Mix)
    Juliche Hernandez - Old Birds (Original Mix)
    Homaag - Lead Compound [Stereoheaven]
    Juliche Hernandez - Sandpaper & Velvet (Original Mix)
    Augusto Gagliardi - House Music [Ole Rec]
    Scavazza - Shake Your Hearts (Harry Romero Remix)
    Chris Di Perri & Anker - Te Quiero [Great Stuff Recordings]
    Morenno Martinez - Sax Player (Original Mix)
    Mikey V, Piem, Richard Ulh - Juicy Lips (Extended Mix)
    Daniel De Miguel & Mimi Barber - Let Me Feel [Confederation Records]
    Ashibah - Losing Game (Late Night Remix)
    Juliche Hernandez - Como Los Trileros (Original Mix)
    Steve Hope - Sunshine [Moonbootique]
    James Solace - Time (Original Mix)
    Alex Clap - Hot Talk [Lemon Juice Records]
    Raized - I Want Your Soul (Original Mix)
    Fhaken - Work In Time (Original Mix)
    Serious Mood & Joan Coffigny - Cunya [Confederation Records]
    Mhod - Make It Better (Extended Mix)
    Max Chapman, Kodewerk - Dawn (Extended Mix)

    • Type: Podcast
    • Release Date: 09/11/2020 8:35 AM
    • 122 bpm
    • Key: Am
    • Russia - Israel - Russia again
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