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Dyl - Ardeal, Romania
Source.Echo Broadcast_ Epidode 01:

Dyl is Romanian-born producer, Dyl Edward. Like many of the next generation producers, Dyl was influenced by Drum&Bass genre at a very early age which sparked his interest in music production. "I wanted to be more involved, and more than just a simple listener; I wanted to create! I fell in love with Jubei’s “The Take” – it had a big impact on me. I became obsessed with the idea of putting my thoughts into something real, something that can be transmitted and felt by another human being. I wanted to do that through frequencies so I got some programs and started experimenting with them, then moved to Cubase and began to feel much more secure in expressing my ideas.."

Dyl first emerged into the scene in 2012 with the release of his Protocol EP on Syncopathic Recordings. His debut effort earned him well deserved notoriety from major players in the scene, some of whom he even idolized as an up and coming producer. "Skeptical is one of my favorite producers. I remember hearing that he liked the track 'Finish', off the Protocol EP, which was a great impulse for me to dig deeper and move forward in my music production." His Protocol EP was followed by a prolific and impressive string of collaborations, with releases on Minor Label, Translation Recordings, Rawganics, Nord Label, Dubkraft Records, Syncopathic Recordings,Urban Poetry, and Moniker Eggplant, among others..

His first full length album, Elements LP, was released on the Rawganics music label earlier this year 2015, and was received with vast critical acclaim. The album reveals a stunning array of influences that have found their way into Dyl’s music. A body of sound and color. Moody at times, revealing at the next. Uneasy. Tense. Beautiful. His emphasis on rhythmic bass lines and atmospheric sounds is enhanced by his innate ability to create mood and temperament based on real life experiences. The Album consists of 13 original tracks, each providing a combination of Autonomic and Minimal tones, Ambient sonic textures, and Techno hybrid sensibilities that breathe and contract against each other among varying tempos and time signatures..

His latest effort, Concept EP, was also released this year 2015, under the Minor Label. This might be his most experimental and profoundly creative effort yet. Concept EP represents a pivotal moment in Dyl's personal musical development. There is a noticeable precision in his sound design that tells me that he is becoming more deliberate and calculating with his instruments. "I'm 100% happy with all the tracks. It's exactly how I wanted everything. When you draw up a a scheme for a project and you manage to follow everything to the end without errors.. well, let's just say that this is probably my best work yet.."

Dyl has very quickly carved out his own unique sound which can be heard in mixes and sets from some of the most cutting edge and fore-front players in the scene today. He has established a reputation for musical ingenuity, never to conform nor be confined to one particular style or genre. "I believe in creative freedom. I like music, not much for genres. I'd rather go with how I feel and build from that, rather than a set pattern, or live up to preconceived expectations.." He credits much of this early ideology to Silviu Costinescu, also known as Alien Pimp, label owner and manager of Dubkraft Recordings. "He had a huge impact on me. He coordinated my efforts, and gave me direction. He encouraged me to "Stop labeling, Start listening." I can’t thank him enough for that.." He also credits much of his inspiration from his home country, "It's a beautiful country with lots of traditions, and its people will always cherish their roots. I personally find it inspiring, especially the darker vibe of places like Transylvania..", which serves as the backdrop for most of his creations. "The music I make represents me, my thoughts, my feelings and my exact state of mind when I make it. I take my strength from free form of thought and the kind of process that encourages the development of a creative personality.."

Expect great things to come from this young producer in 2016, with forthcoming releases on Alphacut Records and Further Records, respectively. "I'm just getting started. My best work is in front of me. I don't know where I am as a producer, or as an artist for that matter, but i know that i have a desire to learn as much as I can. I would say that as a producer, as it is in life, you can never stop learning.."

SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/dj_dyl2
Facebook: facebook.com/dyldnb/?fref=ts

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    01. Owl - Northem Light
    02. ??? - ???
    03. Shackleton & Vengeance Tenfold - North Devon Line
    04. ??? - ???
    05. ??? - ???
    06. ??? - ???
    07. Locrian - Triumph Of Elimination
    08. Dyl - ???
    09. Roberto Crippa - Spectrum
    10. Sendai - A Refusal to Celebrate a Statistical Probability
    11. Roberto Crippa - Matter
    12. Dyl - Concept 1
    13. Dyl - Concept 2
    14. Vapauteen - Punish Or Be Damned
    15. Mogano - Anunnaki (Kerridge Remix)
    16. Eric Holm - Kvastinen
    17. Demdike Stare - Forest Of Evil
    18. Rational - ???
    19. Samuel Kerridge - Auditory System
    20. Oneohtrix Point Never - Where Does Time Go
    21. Tangerine Dream - Love on a Real Train
    22. DAAT - 6th Gear (Method One Remix)
    23. Overlook, Loxy & Resound - The Lodge
    24. Ruffhouse - UVB-76
    25. DAAT - Fridge (Overlook Remix)
    26. Mono & Dyl - ??????
    27. Dyl - ???
    28. Pessimist - Leadfoot
    29. Owl - Moonrise

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