FILE: 150509-02-GS1-Sliffer

"THE B1i2T SOUND" collection is a WAV collection of sounds sampled with the AKAI X7000.
Inputs (sound generator, microphone or live instrument) royalty free created by SONICrider.
The sounds is typical eighties colored due to the 12 bit processing.
Hopefully the sounds inspire you!

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=============== in depth information ===============

Convention files names B1i2T:

Explanation name convention:
YY = Year
MM = Month
NN = Day
COD = Code*
## = Number
NAME = Unique name

  • Explanation code GS1 (X7000 setting):
    GS1 / G = Key G
    GS1 / S = Sequence (4 times 4 bars 128 BPM)
    GS1 / 1 = Number 1
    Sample Freq = 16 KHz

General information:

  • X7000 output recorder (mono) with Ableton
  • Basik is X7000 only / others added a Pulse 2 sequenced sound
  • Output file WAV - 44,1 KHz - 16 Bit
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