Dark Indulgence 05.28.23 Industrial | EBM | Dark Disco by Dj Scott Durand featuring new tracks from spankthenun | Fragrance. | Signal Aout 42 | Archon of the Fairlight | Morphose | Rezz & Grabbitz | Protectorate | Julia Sanza & LaFrench Toast | FHTH | Heidenreich | Millimetric | The Mystical Underground | Celina | TeknoVore | Xotox | The Russian White | Bluntac & more. Please remember to SHARE & REPOST to help spread the new music! SETLIST: spankthenun - On The Run (SET In Pursuit Remix)
Morphose - All Comes Back To You
FairyFlesh - uS demonS
Rezz & Grabbitz - Signal
VRDK - Dukkha
TeknoVore ft Keeva Leo of Sirus - Morbus Gravis
The Russian White - Mansions (Black Lodge Mix by Sawtooth)
Halls Of Mandos - Fractions
Dedalos - Chains
Celina - Won't Break Me (Original Explicit)
A Covenant of Thorns - Lights
Xotox - Die Strömung der Welt (Extended Version)
Protectorate - Necromancer (Krate Remix)
Archon Of The Fairlight - Obscenity (Adam Erebus Remix)
The Mystic Underground - In A Darkened Room
Aldo Lesina - It's No Game (Extended Remix)
Confrontational - Black Glasses
D.White - One Day
Julia Sanza ft Lafrench Toast - Break Of Dawn (Extended Mix)
Who is Kiks & Daddy Issues - Alterados (AMFM MX Remix)
The Static Architect - Failed Attempt of the Narcissist
FHTH - They Are Coming To Kill Us All
Velatine - No God
Heidenreich ft Angst vor Greta - Zarathustra (Niv Ast Remix)
DeepMe - Falling
Yuksek - On A Train (The Magician Remix Angle Edit)
Fideles ft Be No Rain - Night After Night (Camelphat Remix)
Offir. - Sometimes
Artaria - Zing (Extended Mix)
mrmsoun6 - Monster (Original Mix)
Bluntac - Robotoid (Brian Bettini Remix)
Millimetric - Colargol
Panthera - Crise (Damon Jee Remix)
Yansyet - Motherland (Namesis Remix)
Fragrance. - Hanté de moi
Klangphonics - Shapes In The Spray (Original Mix)
She!k - Haze (HATELOVE Remix)
Signal Aout 42 - Haunted Souls
Etat Limite - L'Italie (Flemming Dalum remix)
Beborn Beton - Burning Gasoline (NNHMN Remix)
Bhambhamhara - Nur Für Euch (Zensiert By [SITD])

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    industrial, ebm, electronic body music, ebsm, industrial bass, cyberpunk, post punk, new wave, new beat, goth, gothic rock, dark disco, nu-disco, nudisco, euro, italo, italo dance, italo disco, eurodance, progressive house, melodic house, electro, dark electro, witch house, tresor, berghain, indie dance, darkwave, dark wave, synthwave
    • Type: DJ-Set
    • Lafayette, United States of America
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