(Lyrics) God's Word Is Not Chained Spoken Version
Words by Leslie (aka Jesse) Hughes ©

The Word of God is not chained
And all these prisoners have been framed
They are God’s people and they are loved
And they will be freed by a robe dipped in blood
The water of life is given for free
And grace and faith are God Almighty’s keys
And they will purchase the ransomed Lambs
From idols of jealousy and the hands of a man
From those who pitch tents at the shores of the sea
And attempt to keep our people in darkness in the Sea of Galilee
For the gates of the city will no longer be shut
And Herod’s palace guard will be eaten up
When we gather together for the Supper of God
And with the Spirit’s sword and the iron rod
We will free the captives and bondservant slaves
Held in the dungeons and kept in the caves
That are dressed in white robes under the altar slain
Who did not deny the faithful witness’s name
Who are accused and shamed by the father of lies
Who is cloaked and veiled as an angel of light in disguise
Who tries to get the people to doubt that they are saved
That they must wear white robes and sit in caves
That they have shameful nakedness they must hide
And if they come in the city they will be circumcised
That are before the throne of the beast
To serve him day and night in his temple of gold
Where the beast on the throne spreads his tent over them
Claiming they will never hunger or thirst again
That the false prophet will wipe away every tear
And the sun’s scorching heat will keep them there
Until they become like gold refined by the fire
To be ransomed and purchased from accusers and liars
Who knock at the door dressed up as a lamb
Yet speak like a dragon and are really sons of man
Who scatter our sheep and do not tend them
Who let go of the command of God and hold on to the traditions of man
Who are really dragons standing by the shores of the sea
Claiming to have the keys to death and hades
Claiming to be the first and the last
Claiming to own our present, future and past
Who travel on clouds up in the sky
Climbing up mountains trying to be the Most High
Who worship the one who once was, now is not, and yet will come
Out of the Abyss and go to his destruction
For although the beast tries to make war against the Lamb
The Lamb will overcome him because he is Lord of lords, and King of kings
And those with him will be his called, chosen and faithful followers
Who will conquer the beast of the earth and the beast of the seas
For Satan fell like lightning from heaven
And he is the eighth king that belongs to the seven
It is Jesus who is the Lord, and it is Jesus who is the Christ
And the water of life is given without price
John is going to worship God not the sons of man
There will be a new heaven, new earth and New Jerusalem
And there will be no temple in the city for a man-made gog
No more dragons, beasts, false prophets and demon frogs
God Almighty is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End
The First and the Last not the sons of men
And now that faith has come we are no longer under the supervision
Of laws that are simply rules taught by men
The entire law is summed up in a single command
To simply love your neighbor as yourself fulfills it all
And that perfect law brings our freedom from man-made gogs
And it will be written in our hearts and in our minds
Therefore we will serve in the new way of the Spirit
And not in the old way of the written code
That is merely man-made regulations
From a covenant that is obsolete, aging and old
The sticks of Judah, Joseph, Union and Favor will be joined into one
And one man will be made out of the two making peace
And we will have access to the Father by one Spirit
And the victory will be won

Many of the Gospel References for “God's Word Not Chained” are the same as my song “Observers and Obeying Law”, also see my notes and sketches on the metaphoric interpretation of the Gospel and the lyrics and references that are included in all my song posts.
(Please note also that a Jew and Israelite in a metaphoric interpretation of the Gospel is not a person of Jewish heritage, it is a metaphor for a part of all of us that is a Jew within and another part of us that is a Gentile within -see Romans 2:28-29- and how these two parts become one in Ephesians 2:14-22, Ezekiel 37:15-17 and Romans 3:27-31, also how there are those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars- see Revelations 3:9. Your friend and brother Leslie aka Jesse Hughes)

• Acts 23:1-3 Paul struck down
• Acts 12: 1-3 James slain and Peter seized
• Ge 42:24 Simeon bound
• Ge 42:36, Ge 44:2, Ge 47:21, Ge 46:4, Ex 6:2-4, Jacob and Benjamin deceived
• Mt 14:1-12, Mk 6:14-29, Lk 3:19-20 John beheaded
• Ge 41:41-43 Joseph rides a chariot in front of Pharaoh
• Acts 4:36-5:1-11 Joseph’s property stolen by the devil
• Jn 8:31-58 children of the devil and father of lies
• 2Co 11:12-15 Satan masquerades as an angel of light
• Acts 8:30-31, 2Ti 3:15, Philip’s who never had Bible since infancy
• Acts 22:12, Ro 2:13 Devout observers and those who obey the law
• 2Ti 3:8 Jannes and Jambres oppose Moses and the truth
• Ro 1:18 The wicked men who suppress the truth
• Isa 32:1-8 Scoundrels no longer respected
• Ge 9:25, Ex 6:2-4 Noah curses Canaan
• The Books of Romans, Galatians, and Jude, 2Pe Chpt 2, Titus 1:10-16, Isa 14:1-27, Isa 28:9-29, 1Ti Chpt 4, Col 2:8-23, Jn 8:31-58, Gal 3:16-20, James 2:19, 1:25, 2:12, Gal 5:14, 2Co 3:17, Mt 23

Revelation Timeline references that inspired this song include:
God Almighty and Son of God Revelation timeline references: Rev 1:8, Rev 12:10, Rev 16:5, Rev 21:6 and Rev 22:13.
John and Son of Man Revelation timeline references: Rev 1:4, Rev 1:17, Rev 4:8, Rev 11:17, Rev 17:8, Rev 17:11, Rev 19:10, Rev 22:8-9.

Gospel References that inspired this song include: Ezekiel Chapters 29-32, Isaiah Chapters 11, 14, 28, 44 and 61, Jeremiah Chapter 46, and Jer 31:31-34, Heb 8:7-13, Rev 6:1-9, Rev 6:9-11, Rev 7:2-8, Rev 7:13-17, Rev 12:1-12, Rev 13, Mt 19:28, Rev 4 & 5, Rev 16:4-16, Rev 17:1-18, Rev 19:11-21 Rev 21 & 22, Dt 32:15-17, Jn 16:5-15, Lk 10:18, Mt 16:23, Mk 8:33, Mt 24:27, Lk 17:22-24, Rev 4:5, Rev 19:10, Rev 22:8-9, 2Th 2:4, Rev 15:7 to Rev 16:16, Rev 12:1 to Rev 13:18, Mt 14:1-12, Mk 6:14-12, Lk 3:19-20, Heb 3:1 to Heb 5:10, Heb 9:9-10, Zec chapter 3, Heb 8:7-13, Jer 31:31-34, Heb 10:15-18, Gal 5:14, 2Co chapter 3, the book of Jude, Tit 1:10-16, 2Pe chapter 2, Mt chapter 23, Heb 11:13-16, Ex 6:2-4, Jn 3:27-31, Jn chapter 1, 2Cor 4:4, Col 1:15, 1Co 11:3, Ro 1:18-23, Ro 10:6-9, Ro 9:5, Acts 23:1-3, Acts 24:24, Acts 5:1-10, Isa 14:3-23, 2Co 11:13-15, 1Sa 8:4-18, Isa 28:9-22, Mk 7:1-23, Ro 14:1-4, Col 2:8-23, 1Ti 4:1-7, Mt 21:24-27, Mk 11:27-33, Lk 20:1-8, Phm1:1, Phm 1:9, Phm 1:23, Acts 8:29-31, Jn 14:8-16, 1Jn 2:22-27, 2Co 3:17, Lk 4:19, 2Co 6:2, Lk 20:41-47, Mt 22:41-46, Mk 12:35-37, Gal 3:16-20, Jn 8:31-58, Rev 3:9, Ro 2:17-29, Heb 10:1-9, Heb chapter 7, Gal 5:2-14, Acts 13:20-23 and most importantly by the Holy Spirit 2Co 3:17 “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom”, and as Gal 5:14 says “The entire law is summed in a single command “Love your neighbor as yourself”.

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