• Mike Marrone
    FTB252_1 Final Master 24Bit lossless

    FTB252_1 Final Master 24Bit by Mike Marrone
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At the current rate of time passage, factoring in the steady increase in speed once 40 is in the rear view, I expect the next 2 years will feel like a month when 70 arrives. It's simply impossible that only I have noticed this change in our personal space/time continuum. If the unthinkable happens and Tangerine Temper Tantrum, leader of the Self-Love Church of Stupid gets the keys to the kingdom a second time, it can’t get here fast enough. And we will only have ourselves to blame. I am finished with the rise above it playbook, it’s time for everyone to use our voice, just try to avoid using too many big words. The plan going forward around here is to just turn the music up and when I hear a lie, call it out… with a smile. Seriously, and I don’t like using that word. This episode is designed to lower my blood pressure, and I believe it might do the same for you. New things from Strand of Oaks, Shelby Lynne, Mike Campbell & The Dirty Knobs, Lindsey Buckingham, Kristin Hersh, Little Feat, Mavis Staples, Dennis Schocket & Cliff Hillis and more. Thanks for all the support. Vote.

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    2:00   XXXXXXXXX - XXXXXXXX (For Fans only)
    10:30   XXXX - XXXXXXX (For Fans only)
    14:30   XXXXXXXXXX - XX (For Fans only)
    20:30   XXXX - XXXXXX (For Fans only)
    27:30   XXXX - XXXXXXXX (For Fans only)
    29:00   XXXXX - XXXXXXXX (For Fans only)
    36:30   XXXXXXX - XXX (For Fans only)
    44:00   XXXXXXXXX - XX (For Fans only)
    47:30   XXXXXXXXXXX - XX (For Fans only)
    51:00   XXXXXX - XXXXXXX (For Fans only)
    54:00   XXXXXXXXX - XXXXXX (For Fans only)
    58:00   XXXXXX - XX (For Fans only)
    1:00:30   XXXXXXX - X (For Fans only)
    1:04:30   XXXXXXXXXX - XXXXX (For Fans only)
    1:09:30   XXXXXXX - XXX (For Fans only)
    1:13:00   XXXXXX - XX (For Fans only)
    1:17:30   XXXXXXX - XXXX (For Fans only)
    1:21:30   XXXXXX - XXXX (For Fans only)
    1:25:00   XXXXXXXXXXX - XXX (For Fans only)
    1:35:00   XXXXXXXXXX - XXXX (For Fans only)
    1:36:30   XXXXXXXX - X (For Fans only)
    1:44:30   XXXXXXXXXXX - XXXXXX (For Fans only)
    1:48:30   XXXXXXXXXX - XX (For Fans only)
    1:52:00   XXXX - XXXXXX (For Fans only)
    1:56:30   XXXXXXXX - X (For Fans only)
    2:00:30   XXXXX - XXXXXXX (For Fans only)
    2:04:30   XXXXXXX - X (For Fans only)
    2:10:30   XXXXXXXXXX - XXXXXXXX (For Fans only)
    2:13:00   XXXXX - XXXXXX (For Fans only)
    2:15:30   XXXXXXX - XXXXX (For Fans only)
    2:18:30   XXXXXX - X (For Fans only)
    2:22:00   XXXXXXX - XXX (For Fans only)
    2:27:30   XXXXXXXXXXX - XXXX (For Fans only)
    2:32:30   XXXXXXXXXX - XXXXXXX (For Fans only)
    2:38:00   XXXXXX - XXXXXXXX (For Fans only)
    2:40:30   XXXXXXXXXX - XXXX (For Fans only)
    2:43:30   XXXXXXX - XXXXXXXX (For Fans only)
    2:46:30   XXXX - XXXX (For Fans only)
    2:47:30   XXXXXXXXX - XXXXXXX (For Fans only)
    2:52:30   XXXXX - XX (For Fans only)
    2:54:30   XXXXX - XXXXXX (For Fans only)
    3:01:30   XXXX - XXXXX (For Fans only)
    3:05:00   XXXXXXXXXX - XXXX (For Fans only)
    3:07:30   XXXXXXXXX - X (For Fans only)
    3:11:00   XXXX - XXXXXX (For Fans only)
    3:15:00   XXXXXXXX - XX (For Fans only)
    3:19:30   XXXXXX - X (For Fans only)
    3:25:30   XXXX - XX (For Fans only)
    3:26:30   XXXXXXXXXX - XXXXXX (For Fans only)
    3:30:30   XXXXXX - XXXX (For Fans only)
    3:41:30   XXXXXXXXX - XXXXX (For Fans only)

    • 88.5 bpm
    • Key: Am
    • Absecon, NJ, USA
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