LND Music Factory Presents The Heirs of Laurel Canyon Act 2 by MDM320kbit/s

    LND Music Factory Presents The Heirs of Laurel Canyon Act 2 by MDM by LATENIGHT DREAM FACTORY
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If there was a time when it was furiously rejected by angry punk and grunge rockers, the Los Angeles sixties and seventies scene, and in particular that of Laurel Canyon, has ended up becoming again, these last years, an object of worship, even nostalgia, towards a supposed golden age that its various protagonists obviously didn't know. Like Joni Mitchell, Carol King or Frank Zappa in their time, some of them even settled in this legendary canyon to find there the "vibes" of a time forever gone by and to record there, with vintage material, timeless records that could have seen the light of day half a century ago.

She & Him, Jonathan Wilson, Dawes, Fleet Foxes, Avi Buffalo and Vetiver have become, among many others, the leading figures of a musical current that openly claims the heritage of the Beach Boys, the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young or America. Hype and retro at the same time. The "hippie chic" Laurel Canyon style is back in fashion and music, and has definitely a bright future ahead of it.

01.Heartless Bastards - Only For You
02.Jonathan Wilson - Fazon
03.Jonathan Jeremiah - Happiness
04.The Company Of Men - Summer Only Lasts A Day
05.Editors - The Phone Book
06.Ryad Kerbouz - Legends Of Laurel Canyon
07.High South - Moonlight on Sunset
08.Fleet Foxes - Blue Ridge Mountains
09.Beachwood Sparks - Forget The Song
10.Simone Felice - Running Through My Head
11.Dawes - Time Spent in Los Angeles
12.Angus & Julia Stone - Harvest Moon
13.Fly My Pretties - Quiet Girl
14.Father John Misty - Nancy From Now On
15.Wilco - Jesus, Etc
16.Avi Buffalo - What's in It For
17.Still Corners - The Message
18.She & Him - God Only Knows
19.Zervas & Pepper - Cruising Clear
20.Vetiver - It's Beyond Me
21.Treetop Flyers - Things Will Change
22.The Sweet Remains - I'm Gonna Wait


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    0:30   Heartless Bastards - Only for You
    5:30   Jonathan Wilson - Fazon
    10:30   Jonathan Jeremiah - Happiness
    13:30   The Company Of Men - Summer Only Lasts A Day
    17:00   Editors - The Phone Book
    21:30   Ryad Kerbouz - Legends of Laurel Canyon
    25:00   High South - Moonlight on Sunset
    29:00   Fleet Foxes - Blue Ridge Mountains
    33:30   Beachwood Sparks - Forget The Song
    37:00   Simone Felice - Running Through My Head
    41:00   Dawes - Time Spent In Los Angeles
    49:30   Fly My Pretties - Quiet Girl
    53:30   Father John Misty - Nancy From Now On
    57:30   Wilco - Jesus, etc.
    1:01:30   Avi Buffalo - What’s In It For?
    1:06:30   Still Corners - The Message
    1:11:00   She & Him - God Only Knows
    1:13:30   Zervas & Pepper - Cruising Clear
    1:17:00   Vetiver - It's Beyond Me
    1:23:30   Treetop flyers - Things Will Change
    1:27:30   the Sweet Remains - I'm Gonna Wait

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