LaFusion is designed to shine every facet of jazz fusion. The fusion has its origins by Jazz musicians, jazz fusion group In the early 1970s, the psychedelic era, musicians try to mix musical genres. Hence the term fusion, which will be given to music at the crossroads of jazz, rock, funk or soul. The jazz-rock emerges there, under the guidance of pioneers such as Miles Davis or Frank Zappa, whose records ("In a Silent Way" - Miles, "Hot Rats" - Zappa) will mark the starting point of this new musical trend. Mixing the rhythms of rock'n roll, rhythm and blues and soul jazz improvisation, jazz-rock will use the electric and electronic instruments of the moment, synthesizers and electric pianos, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, organs Hammond B3, MiniMoogs, ... and electric instruments like the guitar or the electric violin with their saturated sounds or modified with effects pedals. Miles Davis' "In a silent way" (1969) and "Bitches Brew" discs (1970) will bring together a host of jazz musicians, who will become the leaders of the upcoming jazz scene, many of whom are still active today. : Herbie Hancock, John Mac Laughlin, Keith Jarrett, Billy Cobham, Joe Zawinul, Larry Coryell, Chick Corea. The merger will expand the audience of jazz, which was considerably reduced with the arrival of free jazz. The star bands of the 1970s fusion will be "Weather Report" founded by Joe Zawinul and Wayne Shorter, "Mahavishnu Orchestra" by John Mac Laughlin or "Head Hunters" by Herbie Hancock.

01.Down to the Bone - Electra Glide
02.Jeff Beck - Come Dancing
03.The Brothers Johnson - Get the Funk Out Ma Face
04.Directions In Groove - The Favourite
05.Count Basic - Love & Light
06.John Patitucci - On The Corner
07.Players - Freight Train Shuffle
08.Herbie Hancock - Dis Is da Drum
09.Pleasure - Let's Dance
10.The Brecker Brothers - Big Idea
11.Greg Howe - Walkie Talkie
12.George Duke - Old Slippers
13.Spyro Gyra - Playtime
14.The Tony Williams Lifetime - Emergency
15.Larry Carlton - Point It Up
16.Alphonse Mouzon - Nightmare
17.Allan Holdsworth - Three Sheets To The Wind
18.Don Sebesky - The Word

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