After three adventures in the land of Soulful AOR coming from America, « Factory Sealed for Your Protection » choose to join the La French Connection’s direction for a special volume also dedicated to the golden era of French Music. American Music completely inspired french Musicians for long decades, but it was more noticeable starting in the late sixties until the early eighties. We’ve already set the stage earlier introducing some heavy weights from France like Iconic engineers, Bernard Estardy, Dominique Blanc Francard, or Jean Pierre janiaud to name a few, and told you some facts about incredibly gifted cats like Slim Pezin, Jean Pierre Sabar, Jean Shultheis or Gabriel Yared.

One era, one night in a French odyssey and 40 guilty pleasures.
This magnum opus gives you the very best from a simple goal: « America you made us dream, you taught us well, so now here’s what we ( French people) can do with our tools, French language or not »
A fact is interesting in this collection. You will hear two generations of engineers and musicians. A real change of guard well assumed and executed.
You thought that was only gonna be just a boogie affair ? Not at all ! FSFYP (as we did for The LA French connection volumes) demanded more research and a hard diggin to offer you a complete French Aor/soulful/ funky/ discoish and yet Jazzy stuff you ‘ll get elsewhere !
Of course there are many other tracks and artists but you will hold the essential jewels next to your ears. Most of it was brilliantly produced and unfortunately forgotten through time.
This is really a dream come true working on this special edition as it is with my pals from L.F.C.
This time it’s a true homage to our French icons and musical heritage.
As far as Sealed is concerned we broke the rule a little on this one .. due to some extreme rarities ??
Hope you’ll Enjoy it.

Ethel Lindsey.

01.Didier Makaga - Faut pas faire la tête
02.Sacha Distel - Feel it Bad
03.Veronique Sanson - Y 'a pas de doute
04.Sylvie Vartan - Please Stay
05.Henri Salvador - Les gens de la légende
06.Raphaël Fays - Anyway
07.France Gall - Dancing Disco
08.Jacquie Quartz - Mise au point
09.Johnny Halliday - Tout M'enchaine (1977 version)
10.Trampoline - Long Time No See
11.Ceccarelli, Chantereau, Padovan et Pezin (C.C.P.P) - Prancaï (Gang Progress II)
12.Herbert Leonard - J'te Lacherai pas
13.Jane Birkin - Baby lou
14.Plastic Bertrand - Stop ou Encore
15.Michel Fugain - J'suis bien
16.Intrinsic Trance (Mort Shuman) - Help Policeman
17.Francoise Hardy - Tabou
18.Eddy Mitchell - Tu ne dois pas toucher
19.Diane Tell - Miami
20.Michel Legrand - Mon coeur en papier
21.Ménage à trois ( Colombier & Polnareff ) - Big Street (do or die)
22.Jay Alanski - Amoureux d'elle
23.Michel Jonasz - Mini Cassette (original studio)
24.Chagrin d'amour - Blonde Platine-Chacun Fait ce qu'il lui plait (version album)
25.Yellowhand feat. Francois Feldman - You want Every night (Fire Sign mix)
26.Joe Dassin - Quand la chance passe & Le Jardin du luxembourg part II (Medley 1978 Tee two Mariani Edit)
27.Black White & Co (Sydney) - Action for love
28.Demis Roussos - L.O.V.E got a hold on me (12 inch)
29.Sheila - Vis Vas
30.Martin Circus - Disco Circus (Ethel's Edit)
31.Serge Gainsbourg - Discophotèque (B.O Madame Claude.1)
32.Alain Chamfort - Privé
33.Carol Ray Band (Raymond Donnez) - Let's our thaw out
34.Christian Gaubert - Sweet and Fool Like a Child
35.Paul Fathy - Funky Baby Love
36.Julien Clerc - Bibliothèque Mazarine (Ethel's edit)
37.Claude Nougaro - Je suis sous (Version 1981)
38.Laurent Voulzy - Cocktail chez mademoiselle
39.Michel Polnareff - Coucou me Revoilou
40.Michel Berger - Lumière du jour
41.Gabriel Yared - Violoncelle
42.David Koven - Doux type tout sweet

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    French, Boogie, Soul, westcoast, Pop, funk, groove, PARIS, Quebec, Montreal, 1970s, 1980s
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