This very first episode of F.S.F.Y.P sends us directly in a period we generally consider as « the golden era » for all kinds of music.
From 1975 to the early eighties everything seemed to move forwards in the music world and business at a fast pace
A whole New and exciting generation of Artists/ groups used new born recording techniques, and introduced us to new electronic instruments like Moog and Oberheim synths which brought wonderful atmospheres.
All these parameters changed the ways of crafting songs and performing it as well. Nowdays we’re coming back to what we thought was kitsh.
To me, it seemed interesting to focus on what happened to the rawness of music itself, from 1975 to 1983.
Westcoast music has been redefined with elements of jazz, funk and polished to the extremes to become more accessible, more classy and even more pop.
It has to be reworked with the secret desire to seduce more audiences and allow artists to crossover.

I believe excellence inspires excellence and it gives the will to create material as good as possible, and maybe to surpass ourselves.
The success of EWF forever changed George Duke’s vision of jazz fusion and drove him to embrace his knack for melody, or his love for brazilian music.
George Duke, David Foster, Bill Champlin, Al jarreau slowly but surely found their own formula. Australian Singer, Renée Geyer and the short lived group, Pieces - explored the roots of R&B and embelished the hours of AOR Disco.
Steely Dan has included urban grooves in their complex jazz rock chords and structures without sacrify their unique identity. How a group like that has influenced a young brazilian cat years later?
Chris Jasper from the isley brothers once said that the competition in this era was outstanding, crazy and rude with an incredible number of album released every week.
The competition was hard but yet inspiring. Jasper has composed the majority of Isley brother’s albums during the group’s golden age.
Record Companies and Music Lovers found new tags for these redefined and hybrid music genres. Thats how the « Blue Eyed Soul » and « Yatch Rock » Worlds were born.
Ewf and many funk groups revamped their grooves and sound thanks to their producers and arrangers. They went also mellow and flirted with new synthetisers.
It was the same for Rock and derivated music.
Through these years, Rhodes piano played a key role in the mellow side more and more. It allowed Artists to explore sensuality and softness in their albums.
David Foster recently mentionned that Maurice White was his true mentor. The connection between Foster and his musical associates led to an automatic musical aknowledgment of EWF.
As far as Boz Scaggs or Kenny Loggins’s evolution is concerned, it was obvious that following trends was crucial in their developpement.
Not only because of the market itself but because of their abilities to explore.
It proved to be a good step for some of them, as they somehow published some of their best works between 75 and 83.
A period where Quality, Professionalism, and excellence at many levels were equally balanced and in a glossy way.
So here’s a first selection coming from what i truly cherish from that period. There’s also a will to offer you the finest and worthy disco cuts along with the cream of West Coast, Soul/Funk and Poppy/Rock oriented tracks. You’ll also find Jazz Funk cuts as well.

Music is a full circle : Today, these Sultry grooves, generous vocalists, awesome and unbelivable arrangements, stands out like an everlasting inspiration on what music should be and should stay :Real, warm, organic with a twist of electronics. The good news is that we have heirs of this music to remember us the beauty of this era.

Ethel Lindsey

01.Kenny Loggins - Heart To Heart
02.Raydio & Ray Parker jr - Can't Keep From Crying
03.Earth Wind & Fire - Diana
04.George Duke - Starting Again
05.The Pointer Sisters - Holdin' out for love
06.Steely Dan - Black Cow
07.Rene & Angela - I Don't Know (Where Love Comes From)
08.Boz Scaggs - Hard Times
09.Tower of Power Feat Cheryl Lynn - In Due Time (Album Version)
10.Eric Tagg - Living off the love
11.Pieces - Dance So Good
12.Renee Geyer - Be There in the morning (77' Version)
13.Googie & Tom Coppola - Let this river flow
14.Tata Vega - Magic Feeling
15.L.A Boppers - La La Means I Love You
16.Jay Alanski - Geraldine (Vinyl Rip - Never Released in cd)
17.Tom Browne - Throw Down
18.Rufus with Chaka Khan - Blue Love
19.Average White Band - Help Is On The Way
20.Dan Hartman - Hands Down (Hands Up)
21.Johnny Guitar Watson - I miss your kiss
22.Champaign - Try Again
23.Twennynine feat Lenny White & Larry Dunn - Back To You
24.Lisa Dal Bello - Don't Want to Stand In Your Way
25.Larry John McNally - Real Good Thing
26.Dave Loggins -You Made Me Feel Love
27.Jon Gibson - So in love with you
28.Dusty Springfield - Closet Man
29.Andrew Gold - Genevieve
30.Roby Duke - Can't stop runnin

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