This song was written for the Pat Pattison Songwriting Coursera. It was also written in response to my wife, asking me when I was with Flu, what music I would like at my funeral (Yes! She is the sensitive type!). I said, "Take Me Home" by Tom Waits and sung by Crystal Gayle. She said they would likely not have that song licensed for use at the crematorium. Thereupon, I decided to write my own Elegy. This version is a more refined version of the week 5 original, cast in a different key of Bb and with some subtle differences in delivery. I have deliberately retained some breath and mic noise to give a live quality to the recording.
Guitar - Walden B1E Baritone(di) and Rode NT2A microphone both through Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 and recorded with Logic Pro X on an iMac.

In time, when I have mastered the Hammond B3 in Logic Pro X I will offer a somewhat different version of this tune!

By and By

When I go
Down the river
Will you wait,
By the waterside?
When I go
To my redeemer
Will you forgive me
By and by?

Will you fold me
In my linen;
Leave a silver dollar
In my hand?
So I can buy me
Buy me a ferry man
To carry me over
By and by?

By and by - your pain will lessen
By and by - your tears will dry
By and by - my soul will settle
If you forgive me - by and by
If you forgive me - by and by

    Elegy, Country
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