Funky Mosquito The Groovy Side of Jazz Space Chillin - Mix Too 12.01.12 (1:20.54)

What is cool music...this selection of music has been done with only one has to be cool, it has to groove, a touch of jazz and that's ist. Hope you will dig it :))

What is the basic of music? melodies? groove? simplicity? a straight bassline, a nice souly voice? a real human played drum? All these ingrediens make part of this little but very warm world. I hope you can feel the smooth and real feeling that this musicians put into their music.

So these jazz perles will still be famous, when the music will be reinvented again and again, sampled, retouched, regrooved, pushed and remixed.

Back to the roots. Back to the groovy side of jazz space chillin. Have the pleasure and take you the time to discover this smooth world of groove and energy.

Best whises from jazzy mosquito :))) (further infos under facebook "Funky Mosquito")!/pages/Funky-M…uito/47824910403


01) Funky Mosquito THX Tex Moo Can Trailer HD Intro-Mix (0:31)
02) Second Sky - Too Far (5:14)
03) Fort Knox Five - Crimson & Clover (DC's Finest Remint) (4:38)
04) Mister T - Everything is Wah (4:34)
05) Captain Planet feat. Brit Lauren - Get You Some (4:00)
06) Wick-it the Instigator - Wu-Tang Til Infinity (4:48)
07) Ozomatli vs Fort Knox Five - Cut Radio Speed (DJ Vapor Mash Up) (3:23)
08) See-I - Soul Hit Man (The Funk Hunters Remix) (4:54)
09) Nostalgia 77 feat Alice Russel - Seven Nation Army (Mister T's Easy Listening Mix (5:38)
10) Cool Million feat. Eugene Wilde - Back For More (DJ Friction Ext. Discomix) (6:14)
11) Quincy Jointz - Chicago (Jayl Funk Remix) (4:04)
12) The Jivers - Do What (DJ Moodz Deep Staight Up Refix) (6:53)
13) Haggis Horn meets Mary J Blige - The Real Horn (5:10)
14) Ronald Aquinas - Funk With Da Skunk (4:57)
15) Mr President - The Best Is Yet to Come (4:33)
16) Down To The Bone - Uptown Hustle (7:18)
17) Tal M. Klein - Crawling up the Spout (Jayl Funk´s Downbeat Remix) (5:20)
18) Trotter - At The Pool (Original Mix) (6:38)
19) Clayton & Fulcrum - The Get Down (5:14)
20) Delatorre & Kojake - Licks & Tricks (4:17)
21) The Beatles - The Word (The Captain Remix) (2:49)
22) Umbo - Sunday Jam (2:52)
23) Timewarp Inc - Diskotekk (Djfree RUXperienced Remix) (5:18)
24) Zamali feat The Time Travellas - Famous Butt (feat The Time Travellas) (4:35)
25) Mr President feat Mr Day - Meet Again (4:08)
26) Carmen McRae - How Long Has This Been Going On (MJ Cole Remix) (4:57)

Back to the roots, back to the cows - swiss cool selections of jazzy & groovy masterpieces:))

Thanxs and big respect to all the groovy artists, re-editers and remixers :))

    41:40   Mr President - The best is yet to come
    54:00   Trotter - At the pool

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