Another month, another podcast! Hex brings you the usual dose of D&B flavours including new music from Bold Theory, HLZ, Sinistarr, Drumcatcher, Spor, Break and many more, plus a host of unreleased dubs...check it!

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    Total Science - Lightweight (Break Remix) [CIA]
    DRS & Dynamite - Back & Forth (feat. S.P.Y) [Hospital]
    Spor - Beam Cannon [Sotto Voce]
    Cutworx - Show Me [Fokuz]
    Askel & Elere - Glass [Soulvent]
    OaT - IntoTheSun [Silhouette Audio]
    Dice - Memories (rework) [Straight Up Breakbeat]
    Thread - Searching [Riddim Records]
    SR & Vinyl Junkie - Clockwise [Locked Up Music]
    Jolliffe - Marlow [Delta9]
    DOt. - Argus (Kyrist Remix) [Lost]
    aardonyx - Jupiter [Sublabel Recordings]
    Arcane - Temples [Rua Sound]
    Isotropik - Murky Waters [Demand]
    Alpha Rhythm - Wardenfell [Celsius]
    D Flect - Petrichor [Detached Audio]
    Break & MC GQ - Whisper In My Ear (Break Remix) [Symmetry]
    Ekwols - Runes [Shell Shock]
    Pixelord - Bonus Stage [Saturate]
    Neve & DNN - Flying Cats [The Dreamers]
    Terror Cell & Layer 3 - The Hydra [Krytika Productions]
    Boredome - Locoloco [Dub]
    Alhox - Breeze [Celsius]
    Drum Origins - Frumpet Stepper [Celsius]
    Hickupz - Zephyr [Subplate]
    Drumcatcher - Get Them [Impact]
    SVB - The Chain [Huski]
    Groves - VOTPW (Sinistarr Remix) [Unchained]
    yunis x Rohaan - Ajna [Yuku]
    nCamargo - The Finer Things [DNBB Digital]
    Brainwork & Leniz - Ukiyo [Differential]
    Test Switch - Trend (feat. Rider Shafique) [Engage Audio]
    Brakken - Cabomni [Tech Itch]
    Stenchman & Meloki - 4th Child (Joe Ford Remix) [ShadowNet]
    Pyrhikk - Tenchu [Dub]
    HLZ - Amethyst [Metalheadz]
    Krypta - Incision [P Lab]
    Manifold & Juggernaut - Tough Chat [Dub]
    Skylark - Blind [Overview Music]
    Moostatz - Dark Sun [Samsara Beats]
    Quentin Hiatus - People Remedy [ProgRAM]
    Earl Grey X Dead Man's Chest - Fugitive Version [Western Lore]
    Matt View - Midnight Heat [Fokuz]
    Imanu & Buunshin - Nagow [Vision]
    Zombie Cats - Exit [Dispatch]
    Dedman - Shiftin (feat. Messenger) [Parallel Depth]
    Soul Defiance - Love Me [Dub]
    Artificial Intelligence - Good Things [Metalheadz]
    Bold Theory - Time Roll [Pseudoscience]
    Gydra & IHR - Wipe [Eatbrain]
    Tweakz & MC Gusto - Lost Tonight [Delta9]
    Rubix - Moonlight [Divination]
    Orbr - Space Ghosts [Orbr]
    Dimensional Dryft - Psychedelic Evolution [Onset Audio]
    Next Episode - Sound System (Dub Mix) [Divided Audio]
    Anomie - What You Gonna Do About It [Inna Riddim]
    Surgence - Summit [Tesseract]
    Caim - Spiritual Bond [Live History]
    Quartz - Into the Mist [Samurai Music]
    Fanu & Infader - Legacy [Metalheadz]
    Izora - Unknown [Zodiac]
    Mystic State - Audition [The Chikara Project]
    Cryptographic - Echo III [re:st]
    Akuratyde - Wonder, Love & Loss (3VS Remix) [Modern Conveniences]
    Layton - Flowdan
    RQ - Valleys [RQ]
    Mark Kloud - Sea Crest [Exkursions]
    Elsewhere - Procession [Microfunk Music]

    DNB Dojo Podcast, Atmospheric, Bass, Dancefloor, Dark, Deep, Experimental, Halftime, Hex, Jungle, Liquid, Lush, Melodic, Minimal, Mixes, Neurofunk, Rollers, Techstep, Wonky
    • Type: Podcast
    • 117 bpm
    • Key: Bbm
    • Glasgow, United Kingdom
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