MODERN DATES October 23 to November 22 TRUE DATES November 22 - November 30th (Only 7 days) Rules the Eighth House. It is feminine, negative (receptive), FIXED and a water sign. The element water can be described as feelings, emotional, and responsive, This can be combined to describe Scorpio as "determined feelings." Body Parts: nose, bladder, sex organs, adenoids, elimination of body wastes through bladder and bowels. KEYWORD: Desire/Fortitude Basic Nature: Detective/Annihilator. The opposite sign of the zodiac is Taurus. The zodiacal house of Scorpio is ruled by Samael and by Pluto (Hades), the lord of practical magic. Scorpio is one of the most powerful signs because of their strong will and determination to accomplish whatever" they attempt to do. Some of the things that Scorpio rules are: bathrooms, espionage, funerals, taxes, and laboratories. Five positive key words are: (1) ambitious, (2) efficient, (3) courageous, (4) resourceful, and (5) intuitive. Five negative key words are: (1) sarcastic, (2) resentful, (3) stubborn, (4) possessive, and (5) vindictive.* Scorpio people enjoy impossible tasks. They like work which demands determined effort and intense concentration. Work connected with the underground, sea, liquids, or sanitation also appeal. Some of the careers are detectives, morticians, politicians, engineers, contractors, chemists, surgeons, scientists, archeologists, garbage collectors. Scorpios have very definite opinions, these opinions can
be so rigid that no amount of persuasion will make them change their minds. This is why they have earned the reputation as the most stubborn sign in the zodiac. Habit patterns are formulated early in life. Unlike Gemini or Sagittarius, they do not flit from interest to interest, job to job, home to home,
or community to community. Because of this, it is important for them to choose their environment, their career, and their friends carefully. If they are around negative people, their own negative tendencies are brought out. They make friends easily. These friends are from all walks of life. Scorpios give unwavering loyalty to their friends. In these relationships, Scorpios usually have a "double standard," in that they like to know what your plans are, but because of their secretiveness, they do not necessarily want you to know what they are planning. They are capable of extreme self-sacrifice for those they love. If any of their loved ones are threatened in any way, they feel that they, too, are being threatened. This causes them to instinctively strike out, either verbally or physically. Since their unconscious mind is more in control than their conscious mind, they lose all sense of judgment under criticism. Under attack, they make effective use of both silence and sarcasm. Unfortunately, their sarcasm can become vindictive. They can, and will, wait a long time in order to get even. However, emotional maturity causes them to recognize this trait and to rechannel their emotions into forgiveness. It is hard to deceive a Scorpio. Their intuition enables them to understand the motives of other people. This is a great asset to them. They receive very strong first impressions of others—experiencing either a liking or a dislike for the person involved. It is important for them to investigate their reactions behind these first impressions, for they stem from past life experiences. Plans are made in advance for their activities, and they find it difficult to make last-minute changes. However, it is important for them to learn to be adaptable in all circumstances. Such situations occur in order to teach them to be flexible. Any work a Scorpio becomes involved in must be important, or appear to be important. Trivialities bore them. They want to become totally engrossed in any task. Like their element, water, they are deep and mysterious. There is a quiet strength about them that belies the intense emotions seething underneath. Everyone describes Scorpio in sexual terms. They are considered the most highly sexed sign in the zodiac. It would be far more accurate to describe them as individuals whose intensity of feelings project them into whatever they are doing. This could be their work, their politics, their fun, or their love life. This emotional intensity, when properly channeled, gives Scorpio great endurance. They battle against seemingly severe odds. Sometimes, in their battles, they trample on others in the process. This is why they are classified as saints or sinners. If they use the scorpion symbol, they are using the lower Scorpio vibration. But, if they use the eagle symbol, they have the ability to rise above all worldly difficulties and to tap their higher consciousness. They set themselves up as their own judge and jury and punish themselves unnecessarily. Basically, they are self-sufficient, but not necessarily self-assured. They never actively seek applause or the limelight. They are generally healthy, but can be inclined to overindulgence in food, drugs, sex, and alcohol. In love, they are extremely affectionate and demonstrative. They are the happiest and most fulfilled with one partner with whom they can combine emotional and sexual love. As you know, beyond Neptune we find Pluto, which in this precise moment, the astronomers of the planet Earth are stating is not a planet. Nevertheless in Gnosticism, we know very well that Pluto is a planet, and it rules all of the infradimensions or inferior forces related with every single planet of this solar system. When you study the Tree of Life, you find that at the very bottom is Klipoth, and Klipoth is related with the nine spheres; it is the shadow of the Tree of Life. In religion, Klipoth is called Hell, Inferno, Hades. Master Jesus mentions Hades precisely in the Gospel of Luke as well as in many other scriptures which are not in the Bible.
And in Hades he lifted up his eyes, being in torments, and seeth Abraham afar off, and
Lazarus in his bosom. - Luke 16:23 This is because the whole purpose of the work that we have to perform, which is the selfrealization
of the Being, is to defeat death and Hades.
And the sea gave up the dead that were in it; and death and Hades gave up the dead that were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works. – Revelation 20:13*

Pluto (Hades), relates to the profound mystery, the profound knowledge or wisdom, related with the sign of Scorpio. In Greek mythology, we find myths related with Pluto (Hades) and with Persephone, and with Demeter, the mother of Persephone. Persephone is also called Proserpine, the Queen of Hell. Demeter is sometimes related with Rhea, or with Isis – different names. It is - as we explained in the previous lecture of Virgo - the Divine Mother, or the feminine aspect of the creative forces of the universe. The Divine Mother is represented in many religions with different virgins or female adepts that achieved self-realization. Yes, the different virgins that we find in different religions are just female initiates that achieved realization of the self, and this is why they have the honor to represent that which has no form, which is the Divine Mother. The second aspect of the Divine Mother, as we explained in the lecture related with Virgo, the Virgin, is Mother Nature, which relates precisely to the myths related with Pluto and Demeter, the goddess of the Earth, or the goddess of harvesting, which was celebrated in ancient times in the mysteries of Eleusis, the Eleusinian mysteries.
Persephone is also a symbol of the soul, which is innocent. Why? Because, as you know, the embryo of soul, the Buddhata descends from Heaven, from Olympus; the Buddhata is part of Jupiter. Who is Jupiter? Jupiter is the Innermost, Zeus. Each one of us has his own particular, individual Zeus, or Jupiter. In fact, as a soul, we were sent to the earth in order to become a son of Zeus completely, by achieving the realization of the self, if we work in this great work of the self-realization of the Being, which is written in different religions in different ways. So that soul - which is us, because this is what we are; call it consciousness, soul, essence, whatever – detached from the Spirit we descended from the stars. The Spirit in Kabbalah is called Jehovah, the Tao, or Jupiter in Greek mythology - and entered, as we explained in other lectures, through the doors of Yesod into the planet Earth.
We explained that Yesod is related with the sexual organs, this is why we stated that Yesod is the door to enter into the Earth; yes, we entered into this physical world through the doors of sex. Our father, our mother, in Yesod, performed the sexual act. One sperm came from the sexual glands of our father and entered into the womb of our mother. That sperm endured nine months in order to develop as a baby. This is why it is stated in the Eleusinian mysteries that through birth is how the soul dies. What we call birth here is a death for the soul, because the soul in Heaven is free, it enjoys all of the attributes of God, but when it enters into this tomb, into this sarcophagus, this coffin called the
physical body, we become dead. This is why Jesus said:
Follow me; and let the dead bury their dead. – Matthew 8:22 In the myth of Pluto and Persephone all of the symbols of this are beautifully written.
<The Descent into Hell>
Why we call people Narcissists? When they are identified with themselves, or with the beauty of nature. This is how, we, unfortunately have become identified with the beauties of nature and
have forgotten our own divine origin, our superior origin; thus, when we (as consciousness) start identifying so much with our animal nature, then all of a sudden the Earth opens and Pluto appears and rapes, abducts Persephone and takes her to Hell to become his queen; this is devolution or the way in which we become identified with the laws of devolution, which Pluto is in charge of. Pluto, Hades, is that intelligence in the physical body. If you observe the physical body, it has a lot of knowledge, intelligence, but we are not aware of it. The digestive system, the respiratory system, the circulatory system – when we investigate the physical body, all of its functions, we then become amazed when we see how wonderful this physical organism is. Scientists, in this day and age, become amazed when they study the physical body, yet, they ignore too many things about the physical body.
The physical body is capable of doing many things that people of these present times ignore, and this is because they did not acquire cognizance of all of the functions of their physical body, which is the duty of the soul here in this physical world. Besides, this is not easy, because within the physical body we have the subconscious, unconscious, and infraconscious aspects of Hades, which now everybody has active. (AWAKENED) This is why it is very difficult to achieve mastery, because the ego - that is, the different psychological elements that we have within - are always related with different aspects of Hades. Pride, for instance, as we said, is one of the doors in order to enter into Hades. Pride is one of the elements that are very heavy in every one of us. Pride is precisely that element that always looks for the way to go up, to show off, to boast about himself, to display that he is wise or better than anybody. These are the forces of Hades working through that person, through that initiate. This is why it is written that it is very difficult for somebody to reach realization, because that implies to leave the kingdom of Hades.

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