All samples found and compiled by DJ Prince (Norway) from own vinyl collection.


  1. Thats right dude, this got to be the greatest record of the year, check it out
    -Lovebug Starski & The Harlem World Crew "Positive Life" from Positive Life, 1981 (12")
  2. Pump up the volume, dance
    • Eric B & Rakim I know you got soul (1987)
  3. Morse FX
    • Tom Browne Funkin for Jamaica (1980)
  4. Brothers and sisters
    -Introduction to The Soul Children's "I Don't Know What This World Is Coming To" (Wattstax: The Living Word, 1972)
  5. Youre gonna get yours
    -Public Enemy Youre gonna get yours (Def Jam, 1986)
  6. Pump that bass
    -Original Concept Pump that bass(Def Jam, 1986)
  7. Pump pump me up
    • Trouble Funk Pump me up (Sugarhill, 1983)
  8. Chaaang FX
    • Afrika Bambaataa & James Brown - Unity PART 3 ( Nuclear Wild Style )
  9. Yeah Yeah
    • The JBs more peas
  10. Without no doubt
    -The JBs introduction to doing to the death
  11. Watch me
    • James Brown Super Bad
  12. Uh, au do it
    • Unknown James Brown source
  13. Stab FX
    -Pleasure 'Celebrate The Good Things'
  14. Drum break
    -Kool & The Gang Jungle Jazz
  15. Automatic push remote rap
    -Mean Machine D.S.T & Jaluluddin Mansur Nurridin(Celluloid Electro LP)
  16. Its Just begun scream
    • The Jimmy Castor Bunch Its just begun
  17. Female singing
    • Stock, Aikten & Waterman Roadblock
  18. Drum break with moog sound
    -The Bar Keys Holy ghost
  19. Put the needle to the record
    -The Criminal Element Orchestra Put the needle to the record
  20. Drum break 1
    • Bobby Byrd Im coming
  21. Drum break 2
    -Graham Central Station "The Jam"(1975)
    22.Dunya Yunis (Algeria), the title is: Abu Zeluf, taken from this album: Music In The World Of Islam, 1: The Human Voice
  22. Scratching
    • Fab Five Freddy change the beat

Samples used in other versions.

  1. Yo, you homeboys out of Bronx, this one is for you
    -Unknown Boogie Down Productions release
  2. Boogie down
  3. Here we go come on
  4. Female scratch (replacing the roadblock sample)
    • Love Ride- Nuance ft. Vikki Love (1984)
  5. Ohh yeah
    • Gordy's Groove - Choice MC's (Tommy boy records)
  6. Ahh yeah
    • Run DMC here we go(live at funhouse)
  7. Whistle sound
    • Just Buggin Whistle
  8. Din dad a
    • George Krantz Din dad a
  9. Shabi di a
    -Montana Sexett Who needs enemies
  10. Mars needs women
    • From the original motion picture from 1969 Mars needs women
  11. He he he
  12. Rock the house
    -Rock the house Pressure drop
    pump up the volume
    • 113 bpm
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