**1516# Infectious Unease Radio 05_03_23 & 07_03_23 Industrial,Gothic,HorrorPunk,Punk,Darkwave,Indie.
featuring: Delerium feat. Phildel - (Canada) ,Dysphemic (Australia) , Nova-Spes (Germany), Macabre Records (Germany) , Dissociate (USA) , Cima Muta (Germany) , Room of Wires (England), En Esch (Germany) , Give/Take (USA),
2̵n̵d̵ ̵f̷a̶c̴e̷ | 2nd Face (Germany), Dependent Records (Germany) , Mind Machine (USA) , BlakLight (USA) , VNV Nation (Ireland/Germany) , Metropolis Records (USA) , Dead Lights (England) , Mr. Rachele (Australia) , Synthattack (Germany),
No Longer Human (USA) ,Cop International (USA), Zwaremachine (USA) , The Gothsicles (USA), SinThya (USA) , Blackbook (Switzerland), DarkTunes Music Group (Germany) ,Cliff and Ivy (USA), Kahrmalia Project (Italy) , The Metallist PR, Velatine (Australia), Spooky Records (Australia) ,Cervix Couch (USA), Voodoo Bible (UK) , Sacred Realm Records (England), Ariel Maniki And The Black Halos (Costa Rica), Fields Of The Nephilim (England), Beggars Banquet (England)


Was played on these stations and at these times

1516# Infectious Unease Radio 05_03_23 Industrial,Gothic,HorrorPunk,Punk,Darkwave,Indie., Indianapolis 99.9 Indiana USA 7pm to 9pm (19:00 hours to 21 hours) Sunday Night
Facebook: facebook.com/events/8037856606...850025872727914

1516# Infectious Unease Radio 07_03_23 Industrial,Gothic,HorrorPunk,Punk,Darkwave,Indie. 96.5 Inner Fm Melbourne Australia (Tuesday Night 11pm–1am Tuesday Night (23:00 to 01:00)
Facebook: facebook.com/events/6541230663...703021401419944

Delerium feat. Phildel - (Canada) (facebook.com/Delerium) (facebook.com/Phildel.Official) (delerium-official.bandcamp.com/music) phildel (facebook.com/Phildel.Official)
Coast to Coast
Metropolis Records (USA) (website: metropolis-records.com) (bandcamp: metropolisrecords.bandcamp.com) (facebook.com/metropolisrecords)

Dysphemic (Australia) (facebook.com/Dysphemicmusic)

Nova-Spes (Germany (facebook.com/novaspesband) (novaspes.de)
Macabre Records (Germany) (danse-macabre-records.bandcamp.com) (dansemacabre.de)

Dissociate (USA) (dissociate.bandcamp.com) (facebook.com/Dissociatesound) (
Opt out. (gt052)
Give/Take (USA) (facebook.com/givetakelife) (givetakelife.bandcamp.com) (givetake.life)

Cima Muta (Germany) (Facebook: facebook.com/Cimamuta
) (cimamuta.bandcamp.com)
Everything is clear
DarkTunes Music Group (Germany) (darktunes.com) (facebook.com/darkTunesMusic) (Bandcamp: darktunes.bandcamp.com )

Room of Wires (England) (Facebook facebook.com/roomofwires) (WEBSITE: roomofwires.com/?fbclid=IwAR2H...40TnlAeqmLbtYq8) (Bandcamp: roomofwires.bandcamp.com)
Pater Nosta/ Buried.

En Esch (Germany) (givetake.life/en-esch) (enesch-official.bandcamp.com/album/push) (facebook.com/enesch) (enesch.com)
Push single
Give/Take (USA) (facebook.com/givetakelife) (givetakelife.bandcamp.com) (givetake.life)

2̵n̵d̵ ̵f̷a̶c̴e̷ | 2nd Face (Germany) (facebook.com/iindface)
Formula Extinction
Formula Extinction
Dependent Records Dependent Records (Germany)(facebook.com/dependent.records...tefan.herwig.12)

Mind Machine (USA) (Brian Belknap (facebook.com/briansuperduper) (mindmachineband.bandcamp.com) (mindmachineband.bandcamp.com/a...um/frozen-souls) (BlakLight, Mind Machine),) (Brian Olsen facebook.com/glasspoolman) (linktr.ee/mindmachineband <linktr.ee/mindmachineband)
Frozen Souls
Frozen Souls

BlakLight (USA) (blaklight.bandcamp.com) members (silversceneband.bandcamp.com/album/heart) Adam Collier (facebook.com/profile.php?id=10...100076695333972) (BlakLight, Beautiful Crisis), Marie Williamson (facebook.com/marie.williamson.98) (Agency-V, After Dark) & Brian Belknap (facebook.com/briansuperduper) (BlakLight, Mind Machine),
Wicked Face (Single Mix)
Wicked Face (Single)

VNV Nation (Ireland/Germany) (facebook.com/VNVNation) (vnvnation.com)
Before the Rain
Before the Rain (single)
Metropolis Records (USA) (website: metropolis-records.com) (bandcamp: metropolisrecords.bandcamp.com) (facebook.com/metropolisrecords)

Dead Lights (England) (facebook.com/officialdeadlights)
(deadlightsband.bandcamp.com) (deadlights.band)
Doom Doom Trash
Doom Doom Trash EP
DarkTunes Music Group (GERMANY) (darktunes.com) (facebook.com/darkTunesMusic) (Bandcamp: darktunes.bandcamp.com )

Mr. Rachele (Australia) (facebook.com/Mr.Rachele) (mrrachele.bandcamp.com)
Searching for a Spotless Mind
Madness ((mrrachele.bandcamp.com/album/madness))

Synthattack (Germany) (facebook.com/synthattack) (synthattack.bandcamp.com/album/no-god)
No God
No God single
DarkTunes Music Group (Germany) (darktunes.com) (facebook.com/darkTunesMusic) (Bandcamp: darktunes.bandcamp.com )

No Longer Human (USA) (facebook.com/nolongerhuman.official) (nolongerhuman.bandcamp.com) (facebook.com/tacticalsekt) (anthony@tacticalsekt.com) (facebook.com/DisorderFaith)
Cop International (USA) (Facebook: facebook.com/copint) (website: copint.com)

Zwaremachine (Mach Fox (USA) facebook.com/machfoxband) (zwaremachine.bandcamp.com) (facebook.com/zwaremachine) (facebook.com/machfox)
Ripping At The Fabric (Alternative Mix)
Ripping At The Fabric (zwaremachine.bandcamp.com/albu...g-at-the-fabric)

The Gothsicles (USA) (facebook.com/thegothsicles) (facebook.com/brian.graupner)
Dark Force Fest (Mass x Acceleration)
Dark Force Fest (Mass x Acceleration) (thegothsicles.bandcamp.com/tra...-x-acceleration)

SinThya (USA) (facebook.com/SinThyaMusic) (sinthyamusic.bandcamp.com)
Can You Hear Me
Zilchatron // Can You Hear Me ep

Blackbook (Switzerland) (Website: blackbookmusic.ch) (Facebook: facebook.com/blackbook) (Bandcamp: blackbookofficial.bandcamp.com)
You Are Strange
You Are Strange
DarkTunes Music Group (GERMANY) (darktunes.com) (facebook.com/darkTunesMusic) (Bandcamp: darktunes.bandcamp.com )

Cliff and Ivy (USA) (facebook.com/CliffandIvy) (cliffandivy.com) (cliffandivy.bandcamp.com)
Die Tonight
Die Tonight - Single

Kahrmalia Project (itaLY) (facebook.com/Kahrmaliaproject)
"Mysteria" (SINGLE)
The Metallist PR (facebook.com/themetallistpr)

Velatine (Australia) (facebook.com/VelatineInc) (youtube.com/channel/UCjqefs88t...tVdkjF_qi1bSkTg) (velatine.bandcamp.com)
I Won't Be Civilised
I Won't Be Civilised
Spooky Records (Australia) (spookyrecords.com) ( facebook.com/profile.php?id=10...0048668568503)( spookyrecords.bandcamp.com)

Cervix Couch (USA) (facebook.com/cervixcouchNOLA) (cervixcouch.bandcamp.com/track...r-live-carnaval)
You Want It Darker (live @ Carnaval)
You Want It Darker (live @ Carnaval)

Voodoo Bible (UK) (voodoobible.bandcamp.com/album...ven-deadly-sins) (facebook.com/SensorySavage) (facebook.com/profile.php?id=10...100063672934763) (facebook.com/berwyn.waddon)
Triumph Of The Will
Danse Macabre
Sacred Realm Records (facebook.com/profile.php?id=10...100075838247305) (sacredrealmrecords1.bandcamp.c...OuAKySXfhnDsmvE)

Ariel Maniki And The Black Halos (Costa Rica) (arielmaniki.bandcamp.com) (facebook.com/ArielManikiMusic) (arimaniki@gmail.com) (facebook.com/ariel.ank)
Love you like the ocean
Love you like the ocean (arielmaniki.bandcamp.com/track...-like-the-ocean)**

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    Industrial, Industrial, Industrial Hardcore, Industrial Breakbeat, 80's industrial goth, post punk industrial, Witch House, Dark Wave, Grindcore, Power Electronics, Power Noise, Industrial Metal, Neue Deutsche Härte. Industrial Hardcore, Industrial Techno, Electronic
    • Type: Live
    • 128 bpm
    • Key: Em
    • info@infectiousuneaseradio.com
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