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    B.T.B. ~ Music Mindscapes Vol 17 * Techno & Tech House *

    B.T.B. ~ Music Mindscapes Vol 17 * Techno & Tech House * by Blue Tone Boy
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Music lovers,

Welcome to my latest Mix " Music Mindscapes VOL 17 ".

Mixed in the Techno / Tech House genres . I would urge you to support the music you like by flying over to your fav digital stores & purchasing the tracks when released ! ( All tracks are PROMOs Forthcoming - Some may be released ). Full Track List below !

Peace & keep loving music...share this mix !

1:Alfonso G - Runner (Original Mix) [76 Recordings-SS424]
2:Joseph Gaex - Wasteland (Original Mix) [Wanna Dance Music-WDM175]
3:AudiTech - Fresco (Original Mix) [76 Recordings-SS424]
4:Juan Santacruz - Halo (Original MIx) [BullDog Records-BDR039]
5:Deepsonic - Down In Ivory Park (Original Mix) [Filthy Groovin Music Group-FGS048]
6:Endroi - Acapulco (Original Mix) [Scientist Music Records-SMR039]
7:Jose Ponce - My Nephew (Original Mix) [Promo All My Labels-IR186]
8:Natanael Cuenca - Scavenger (Original Mix) [Wanna Dance Music-WDM175]
9:David Kinnard - Uncompressed (Original Mix) [76 Recordings-SS424]
10:Igua Velv - Limescale (original mix) [Menomale Records-MM113]
11:Jon Alva - Disconnect (Original Mix) [Scientist Music Records-SMR039]
12:Turbomatik - Greender (Original Mix) [Wanna Dance Music-WDM175]
13:Brandon Caballero - Fine Changes (Original Mix) [BullDog Records-BDRD006]
14:Nanocode - In My Dream (Original Mix) [Scientist Music Records-SMR039]
15:Dimi Mechero - Night Roller (Original Mix) [Wanna Dance Music-WDM175]
16:Gasc - Warm Time (Original Mix) [Promo All My Labels-IR186]
17:Lex Digital - OUL (Original Mix) [Scientist Music Records-SMR039]
18:Barry Obzee - Your free (Original Mix) [Wanna Dance Music-WDM175]
19:Felo Rueda - Animal Instinct (Original Mix) [BullDog Records-BDRD006]
20:Rick pier Oneil - Teach Us to Watch up (Original Mix) [76 Recordings-SS424]

    4:20   Joseph Gaex - Wasteland
    15:00   Juan Santacruz - Halo
    25:40   Jose Ponce - My Nephew
    30:40   Natanael Cuenca - Scavenger
    38:40   Igua Velv - Limescale
    49:00   Brandon Caballero - Fine Changes
    58:40   Dimi Mechero - Night Roller
    1:07:00   Lex Digital - OUL
    1:12:40   Barry Obzee - Your Free
    1:15:00   Felo Rueda - Animal Instinct

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