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    B.T.B. ~ Moody Essentials VOL 6 * Deep Prog & Deep House Mix *

    B.T.B. ~ Moody Essentials VOL 6 * Deep Prog & Deep House Mix * by Blue Tone Boy
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Music lovers,

Welcome to my latest Mix Session " Moody Essentials VOL 6 * 1 Hour 40 Minute Mix !

Mixed in the Deep Prog House & Deep House Genres - I would urge you to support the music you like by flying over to your fav digital stores & purchasing the tracks !

Full Track List below ...........

Peace & keep loving music...share this mix !

1:Stanger Audio - The Punisher
2:Veniamin DIsh - Emotion Original Mix Stazis
3:Ummett - Do Not Stop (Original Mix) [Sousa Label-SL0034]
4:Slop - Unscarred Wings
5:Simone Mogavero - To My Friend (Original Mix) [unicarec-urc004]
6:Saul Antolin - The Bells In The Night (Original) [Charlotte Label-CL010]
7:Russlan Jaafreh - Life In Dimesion Zero (Original Mix) [Mistique Music-MIST567]
8:Roberto Mocha - Kill Me Original Mix Candybeach Records
9:Rishi K. - Oblivion (Jelly For The Babies Remix) [Mistique Music-MIST580]
10:Napalm & D Phrag - Reason For Anxiety (Ri9or Remix) [Mistique Music-MIST549]
11:Muntal - Secret Vice (Original Mix) [Haliaeetus Music-HM009]
12:Michael & Levan And Stiven Rivic - Painkiller (Andre Sobota Remix) [Kunai Records-KUN10]
13:Lymbic - Density (Original Mix) [Mistique Music-MIST558]
14:Joy Marquez - Esperanza (Original Mix) [Futura Groove Records-FGR98]
15:Josma - Glimmer (Original Mix) [Suffused Music-SMD118]
16:Joan Retamero & Marco Zilli - Escalando Vientos (Original Mix) [Mistique Music-MIST578]
17:JJ Grant - Storyteller (Michael & Levan And Stiven Rivic Remix) [Mistique Music-MIST575]
18:Jacky Monties Miasko - Bayswater Waganetka Remix - Stazis
19:Hidro - Sorongo (Go Dubai Remix) [Swing Format Records-SFR096]
20:Hector Toledo - City Lights (Original Mix) [Mistique Music-MIST561]

    0:00   Stanger Audio - The Punisher
    8:20   Ummett - Do Not Stop
    12:40   SLOP - Unscarred Wings
    22:20   Saul Antolin - The Bells in the Night
    43:20   Napalm - Reason for Anxiety
    54:40   Michael & Levan & Stiven Rivic - Painkiller (Andre Sobota Remix]
    1:16:40   Joan Retamero - Escalando Vientos
    1:29:20   Jacky Monties & Miasko - Bayswater (Waganetka Remix]
    1:34:20   Hidro - Sorongo

    Deep Progressive House, #deep house, #‎DJMIX‬, B.T.B., Blue Tone Boy
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