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    B.T.B. ~ Audio Extraction Vol 8 * Audio Reflections *

    B.T.B. ~ Audio Extraction Vol 8 * Audio Reflections * by Blue Tone Boy
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Music lovers,

Welcome to my New Mix Compilation " Audio Extraction Vol.8 - " Audio Reflections ".

Mixed in the Deep Progressive House genres with full Track List, which are all Promos, if you like the tracks go and search in Beatport and Other stores by copying & pasting the title in their search engines...and then purchase !

Keep listening to music & share this Mix with those who like cool beats ! Peace B.T.B.

1:Julian RodriguezWhite Resonance - Santa Maria (Monojoke Remix) [Suffused Music-SMDVA011]
2:Staziz - Citrus Sky (Original Mix) [Crosslink Music-CLM035]
3:Advents Rising - Return (Matter Remix) [Suffused Music-SMDVA011]
4:Robert R. Hardy - Tuned in the Spring (Magnetic Brothers Remix) [Suffused Music-SMDVA011]
5:Pavel Denisov - She Was Here (Original Mix) [Mistique Music-MIST586]
6:No Sonic Limits - Baja (Original Mix) [Crosslink Music-CLM035]
7:Stan Kolev Feat. Albena Veskova - Vertigo (Original Mix) [Tattva Music-TVM0024]
8:Lezcano - Duel (Original Mix) [Suffused Music-SMDVA012]
9:MarmensiJack - Avengers (Original Mix) [Vayk Records-#VKR075]
10:Oovation - Nimbus (Futur-E Remix) [Suffused Music-SMDVA011]
11:Guhus - Thirty Six Bells (Original Mix) [Suffused Music-SMDVA012]
12:Berni Turletti - Starting Again (Original Mix) [Crosslink Music-CLM034]
13:Christopher Hermann - Spooky (Symmetry Obs Remix) [Perfect Session Records-PSR064]
14:Cristian Poow, Lio Q - In Your Face (Original Mix) [Dbeatzion Records-DBR312]
15:Derek Marin - Gimmie Shelter () [Subtrak Records-Subtrak070]
16:Yow - Blue Moon (Original Mix) [Disolend Records-DR0033]
17:TH Moy - Road To Heaven (Ivan Garci Remix) (Remix) [Bit To Bit Records-BTB038]
18:Sek7or - LHL (Lone Hipster's Love)
19:Scerbas - Buran (Original Mix) [I Cieli Di Orione-ICDO054]
20:PRSC3 - Absolence - Tribal Strain (Original Mix)_Professional_Rockstars

    0:00   Monojoke - Santa Maria - Monojoke Remix
    15:00   Matter - Return - Matter Remix
    27:40   Pavel Denisov - She Was Here
    32:40   No Sonic Limits - Baja (Original Mix)
    38:20   Stan Kolev - Vertigo (Original Mix)
    57:20   Oovation - Nimbus
    1:04:40   Guhus - Thirty Six Bells (Original Mix]
    1:29:00   Derek Marin - Gimmie Shelter
    1:48:40   Sek7or - LHL [Lone Hipster's Love]
    1:57:00   Scerbas - Buran (Original mix)
    1:57:40   Scerbas - Buran
    2:02:20   Absolence - Tribal Strain

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