First Hour / Chill Out
1.Chillson feat. Marc Hartman - Easy Does It
2.Oscar Salguero - One Direction
3.The Soul Crusaders - Escape from Reality
4.Chillson feat. Marc Hartman - Pappas Do, Pappas Don't
5.Roberto Sol feat. Mic Donet - Can Not Forget You (Revisited Mix)
6.AnimoEx - Abstract Emotions
7.Worldtraveller - The Rory Glory (Smokadelic Bloomdub)
8.Pier-O - Arthur
9.Leila Evans - Chamka
10.Le Voyage - Sensuality (E-Fly Mix)
11.Island Sun - Loosing Again (Boombastic Cut)
12.Peter Pearson - A Piece Of A Dream
13.Sami Sivananda - Nirvana
14.Roberto Bronco - River
15.Michael E - Shadows & Light
16.Pat Chun - Northern Lights

Secondary Hour / Ambient
1.Hazy - Blackout
2.Pato - Lights That Quietly Flew to a Far off Place
3.Jesse Woolston - Trailing Light
4.World of Ether - World of Ether (Woedex)
5.Kazukii - Hope
6.Joachim Heinrich - Agape
7.Ed Carlsen - Close
8.Ben Hamlett - Grace
9.Abstract Aprils - Elah
10.Ed Carlsen - Otto
11.Cass. - Redwood
12.Hirola - Perpetual Light
13.Jakob Ahlbom - Approaching Spring
14.Bedroom - The Inner Pattern
15.Soular Order - Up Ahead
16.Eternall, Blure - Beauty and Resistance
17.Stray Theories - When you return
18.Luke Howard - The Ends

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    • 166 bpm
    • Key: Gbm
    • Zalău, Romania
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