First Hour / Chill Out
1.Persia Beatz - Fakir Flight (Smooth Oriental Mix)
2.Sutra Rhythms - Visions of Zen
3.Eivissarts - Saigon Sundown (Asia Cut)
4.Sanjay Farrell - Secret Mood
5.Banghra Lounge Voices - Kamasutra in Heaven
6.The Gentle Spirit - Walls Of Potala (Meditation Groove Mix)
7.Eric Truffaz - Saloua
8.Balearia - Anatolia
9.Buddhattitude - Hadjira
10.Axiom - Mystery Sound
11.Sami Sivananda - Lotus Yoga
12.Sigh - Kemi Blues
13.Hypnotic - Time Far Away (Mysterious Cut)
14.Magic Sitar Hindi - Nothing but Spirit (Calcutta Sunset Mix)

Secondary Hour / Ambient
1.Vanessa Wagner, Murcof - In A Landscape (John Cage) (Si Begg Remix)
2.Queens Road - Endless Dreams
3.Goldmund - The Wind Sings
4.Tomasz Bednarczyk - Night
5.Jameson Nathan Jones - Time Will Wait For Me
6.Aix Em Klemm - Prue Lewarne
7.Claes Nilsson - The Sleeper
8.Kiln - A Place In Between
9.Deep Watch - Endless Fragments of Time
10.The Aurora Principle - And The Waves Washed Over Me
11.Syne - Octa
12.36 - Deluge
13.Bon Vie - Broken Promises
14.Tony Anderson - Ember
15.Willamette - Portrait of a Sleeping Girl with Radio
16.SineRider - Ghost in the Photograph
17.Ed Carlsen - Hundrede Traeer

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    • 92 bpm
    • Key: Gm
    • Zalău, Romania
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