1.Emmanuele Landini - The Hushed Love
2.Eivissarts - Mahasamadhi
3.Aircrew - Leaving
4.Soehngenetic - Dubnorm
5.Debo - Those Times
6.Radiobird - Sea
7.Fly Dying - Walk On Stars
8.Raumzeit - Chance Gone
9.Jani R - A Thousand Flares (Data Rebel Remix)
10.Stendahl - You Get Me
11.Gelvetta - Fly to the Sky
12.The Magical Corner - Infinite Revelations
13.Gordon Geco - Euroasia
14.Tijani - Breathe Out

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    0:00   Emmanuele Landini - The Hushed Love
    4:20   Eivissarts - Mahasamadhi
    17:00   Soehngenetic - Dubnorm
    41:20   Jani R - A Thousand Flares (Data Rebel Remix]

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