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    Back and to the Left on Boxfrequency.fm 16/3/2016

    Back and to the Left on Boxfrequency.fm 16/3/2016 by Jah Shabby
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If New York is the city that never sleeps, then London's the one that won't shut the fuck up. Even for a minute.

That's pretty much why I left for the brisk winds and salt air of the north Kent coast. However, you miss some things, y'know? Like being able to play records in a pub without being heckled by a man older than my dad, for instance.

So, when I saw the line-up for Alfresco's three day festival in Tunbridge Wells this May, I could barely contain myself (there's a small chance that could have been IBS I suppose), and to celebrate, this month's BATTL looks forward to the forthcoming festivities with the unadulterated excitement of a small child. We'll be featuring music from that acts who'll be performing and the labels represented, including: Duncan Gray, Craig Bratley, The Emperor Machine, Days of Being Wild, Soft Rocks,
Vox Low, Bird of Paradise, Tronik Youth, Ivan Smagghe, C.A.R. and loads more...

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    1:00   Heretic - Hyperbolicity
    30:00   Headman/Robi Insinna - Der
    39:40   Jane Fonda - Xenon Lights - Walkout I
    45:40   VoX LoW - Baby Brown
    59:00   The Emperor Machine - Rmi Is All I Want
    1:04:40   Bird Of Paradise - Brothel Drummer
    1:16:20   Man Power - Kiloton
    1:32:40   C.A.R. - Idle Eyes (Planningtorock "Vandalise You All" Remix)
    1:50:20   Fernando - Sunset Trip
    1:54:40   Screaming Target - Knowledge And Noises

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