Whole audio & DL: mixcloud.com/ZaraPaz/leaktm-de...st-october-2016

Recorded & mastered by Thrash Demon™.

Del_F.™ is an original antipsychiatric tapir kommando [ ≥ Del_F64.0™], since Ŷin™ rejoined on the last Trash n Core™, the 3 became the new 2!

The project itself was founded to become rich, old and ugly and get free entrance to the backstage to join the free beers™ that you pay 4.

The sound is normally shitty and has to do with fetish™, shopping™ and frustration against the top10 of today´s most overrated youtube™ tutorials.
Ŷin™ comes from the woods and smells. All 3 women™ have feet.

    Female Speedcore
    • Type: Live
    • 275 bpm
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