TEMPERANCE, Marco Pastorino was the guest of Karim Benamor for a ZanZanA Metal Interview about "Diamanti"

Symphonic Power Metal Force TEMPERANCE Is Back with New Album Diamanti via Napalm Records @Napalm Records .

▬ Interview Timestamps ▬
00:00 - New Album Diamanti Out November 19, 2021 via Napalm Records
03:25 - The difference between "Diamanti" and the previous albums
05:16 - Marco said POP ? (festival di Sanremo) Festival di Sanremo
08:00 - Temperance "Pure Life Unfolds" YouTube fans comments
16:35 - About "Diamanti" album cover by Yann Souetre
20:33 - Marco Pastorino singing with CARTHAGODS @Carthagods Official
23:29 - Marco Pastorino guest appearances is usual/unusual ?
25:03 - TEMPERANCE live: As Leaves' Eyes @LeavesEyesOfficial and Tarja's @Tarja Turunen special guest
29:50 - Italian Metal scene
32:38 - "Diamanti" your expectations about this new album

▬ @Temperance Official Diamanti Tracklist ▬

  1. Pure Life Unfolds
  2. Breaking The Rules of Heavy Metal
  3. Diamanti
  4. Black Is My Heart
  5. Litany Of The Northern Lights
  6. You Only Live Once
  7. I The Loneliness
  8. Codebreaker
  9. The Night Before The End
  10. Fairy Tales For The Stars
  11. Let's Get Started
  12. Follow Me

▬ TEMPERANCE band members are ▬
Alessia Scolletti - vocals
Michele Guaitoli - vocals, piano
Marco Pastorino - vocals, guitar
Luca Negro - bass guitar
Alfonso Mocerino – drums

After releasing their vibrant fifth studio album, Viridian, in 2020, TEMPERANCE – maestros of modern melodic/symphonic metal – delight their devotees with the persuasive new offering Diamanti, to be released on November 19, 2021 via Napalm Records @Napalm Records . With Diamanti, the exceptionally skilled Italian outfit once again showcases their extraordinary ability to merge brilliant vocal melodies, hefty power metal guitar riffing, and symphonic soundscapes in perfect harmony – all dressed in modern surroundings. This is an offering that fans of bands like Amaranthe will fall in love with immediately

The epic journey sets sail with the majestic “Pure Life Unfolds”, offering the bombastic sounding power of TEMPERANCE immediately. With their essence of three vocalists (Alessia Scolletti, Michele Guaitoli and Marco Pastorino), the unit manages to create an incomparable trademark, uniting heaviness and catchy melodies. Energetic and uplifting following track “Breaking The Rules Of Heavy Metal” bursts in with full force, telling an epic tale and creating a far-reaching sense of common bond. The enchanting mid-tempo title track flatters with an Italian chorus, leading to piano-driven “Black Is My Heart” shortly after, while “Litany Of The Northern Lights” adds a folk-like touch to this grand bunch. Explosive “Code Breaker” and wild “Let’s Get Started” serve as some of the record’s most modern tunes, whereas, “The Night Before The End” and “Fairy Tales For The Stars” reflect the more symphonic orientated touches of Diamanti . This massive adventure ends with “Follow Me”, a call that all fans – not only those of TEMPERANCE – should heed Diamanti was mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat , Epica , Amaranthe), with the cover artwork once again created by Yann Souetre (Ayreon).

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