Eleni Nota, NERVOSA's new drummer was the guest of ZanZanA Live Stream Show hosted by Karim Benamor on thursday January 28th

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▬ The Interview ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

00:00 Introduction
00:29 Who is Nervosa
02:28 The casting of Eleni on the new line up
05:08 Eleni never played Thrash before Nervosa
08:03 The challenge of Nervosa with Eleni who doesn't have a big scene experience
10:05 How was the relation with Mia Wallace
11:18 Nervosa's Melting Pot new line up
11:57 When Eleni broken the glass at Malaga with other band members
14:01 Did you knew the songs before going to record at malaga ?
16:18 About devil, faces and blood
19:24 Does Eleni compose her drumparts?
23:13 Elen's reaction after hearing the album final mix
24:49 Whete Eleni learned from Malaga recording sessions
26:18 Eleni's favorite drums kit and microphones
27:13 Do you think that you can play your parts on stage like in the recording sessions?
29:36 Isn't it frustrating to join a band, record an album and not being able to be with the 3 other Nervosa's members to defend the album and play it on stage?
31:33 : Fans questions
32:56 Now the challenge is to make forget on stage the previous Nervosa's members
35:05How Eleni came to drums and what is her daily routines
40:29 Elena's hobbies
43:06 Eleni's contribution in other bands drum sessions
44:05 : Eleni Nota favorite drummers
45:38 Elen's favorites bands and does she know tunisian bands?
46:42 Thank you very much

▬ About Nervosa ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Thrash metal powerhouse NERVOSA attacks with inexorable full femme power, leaving the world in Perpetual Chaos (out January 22, 2021 via Napalm Records).

The newly staffed quartet showcases their ability for impetuously feral, pungently sharp riffs and aggressive vocals on 13 massive tracks. The new line up – featuring founding guitarist Prika Amaral and talented new members Diva Satanica on vocals, Mia Wallace on bass and Eleni Nota on drums – delivers a massive punch of thrash spliced with remarkable death metal assaults. The powerful new formation of NERVOSA adds a contemporary touch to this already thrashing institution of metal.

Since their formation in 2010 and leading up to their latest full-length surge, 2018’s groundbreaking Downfall of Mankind, NERVOSA has delivered pure brute records in consistent intervals. Their fourth full-length, Perpetual Chaos, builds upon the turbulence – adding diverse musical elements to create an infallible new standout.

Guided by a marvelous force of uncompromising thrash and death metal, their raw power has its finger on the pulse of time: lyrically, the four piece does not hesitate to tackle issues that impact the very core of society as we know it. From political grievances and amplifying the voices of minorities to protesting against factory farming, capitalism and succumbing to the ill-informed musings of social elites - these commanding women do not mince words. Tracks like the airtight opener “Venomous”, the fast-twitching “Until The Very End” and “Time To Fight” prove that NERVOSA’s revitalized identity experiments with both fresh new elements and crucial auditory foundations without succumbing to any clichés. “Genocidal Command” perks ears with Diva Satanica’s vocal eloquence, accented by the outstanding range of Schmier (DESTRUCTION) whilst mirroring a rousing thrash metal manifest.

On Perpetual Chaos, the four-piece once again joins forces with producer Martin Furia, recognized for producing Downfall of Mankind, in addition to working with EVIL INVADERS, SISTERS OF SUFFOCATION, etc. in studio, DESTRUCTION, FLOTSAM AND JETSAM, etc. live and many more. A tremendous outcome awaits with brawl-brushed guitar lines, blisteringly fast drums and critical lyricism – striking the listener in a way only NERVOSA could. Viva Perpetual Chaos!

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