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    Back To The Roots Vol.27

    Back To The Roots Vol.27 by Ricky.F
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Back To The Roots Vol.27

01.Brennan Heart ft. Trevor Guthrie - Wont Hold Me Down (Gravity) (WER106)
02.Syrin - OMG (Mastered)
03.Audiofreq - GHYL (Gotta Have Ya Love)
04.Dr. Rude - Kalavela Shot Me Down
05.Frontliner & Dr. Phunk - Bring The House Down (KIU069)
06.Robert Miles - Children (MKN Remix)
07.Will Sparks & Toneshifterz - Home To You
08.Digital Punk - Nothing Can Hold Us Back (Unleashed Soundtrack) (Original Mix) (UR016)
09.Bloodhound Gang - Bad Touch (Concept Art Remix)
10.Sound Rush - Magical
11.D-Block & S-te-Fan - Music Made Addict (Thrillogy Edit 2012)
12.Dany Bpm - Alone (Original Mix)
13.Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding - Outside (D-Mind Bootleg)
14.Arch FX - Love
15.Stargazer - Horizon (A Song For Aloy Bootleg)
16.The Pitcher - Keep It Up
17.Yoji Biomehanika with Phantazm - Life Is An Illusion (Original Mix) (BG003)
18.Brennan Heart & Wildstylez - Lose My Mind (MKN Remix)
19.Tiga - Mind Dimension (Phrantic Remix)
20.Brennan Heart - Just Get In (Original Mix)
21.Kutski vs Bioweapon - One (Audiofreq Remix) (Ricky.F Private Edit V1.77)
22.Sephyx - Demons (Extended Mix) (DWX495)
23.A-lusion - In Every Place
24.Bioweapon - Turn It Up (Audiofreq Remix)
25.Naked Fish feat. Delight - Better Days (Ncrypta Lose Control Remix)
26.ElementD & Chordinatez ft. Mees van den Berg - Radiate
27.Deetox Ft MC Jeff - Lucky Number 7 (Official Beat The Bridge 2017 Anthem)
28.Jay Reeve - The Blackbird (Extended) (LCM034)
29.Frequencerz & Tartaros Ft. MC Jeff - Wolfpack (Qlimax Edit)
30.Technoboy - Zombie Nation (MKN Dj Tool)
31.DJ Isaac & Sound Rush - Find Me
32.Blademasterz - Masterblade (Shockerz Rekicked)
33.Sound Rush - Live Forever
34.Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars (Stargazer Tool)
35.Headhunterz & Sub Zero Project - Our Church (Extended Mix)
36.Headhunterz & Wildstylez & Noisecontrollers - No One Can Stop Us Now (Extended Mix)
37.Headhunterz - The Path of the Hunter (Extended Mix)
38.Headhunterz - Still Standin (Extended Mix)
39.Headhunterz & Sound Rush - Rescue Me (Extended Mix)

    0:00   Brennan Heart - Won't Hold Me Down (Gravity)
    11:00   Frontliner - Bring The House Down - Original
    16:40   Will Sparks, Toneshifterz - Home To You
    19:00   Digital Punk - Nothing Can Hold Us Back
    25:00   Sound Rush - Magical
    27:40   kingcxx - Music Made Edit(Thrillogy Edit 2012)
    30:40   Dany Bpm - Alone
    35:00   ????? - Outside(????? Remix)
    44:00   The Pitcher - Keep It Up
    50:00   Wildstylez - Lose My Mind
    55:40   Riser & Sharp Man - Now You Gone
    58:40   Kutski & Bioweapon - One - Audiofreq Remix [Edit]
    1:02:00   Sephyx - Demons
    1:13:40   Various Artists - Radiate
    1:16:40   Deetox - Lucky Number 7 (Official Beat The Bridge 2017 Anthem)
    1:20:20   Jay Reeve - The Blackbird
    1:24:00   Tartaros - Wolfpack
    1:26:20   Atb feat. Fade - Moving Cloudbreak
    1:32:40   Sound Rush - Live Forever

    Hardstyle, Euphoric Hardstyle, Hardstyle, Energy
    • 150 bpm
    • Key: Love
    • © Creative Commons: Attribution
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