Profile description of Yacho:

Resident in P2 located in Wroclaw, promoter and lover of house sounds in all sorts kind, creator of many outstanding mashups and bootlegs, author of sets from the cycle "For The Love Of House", containing carefully selected global house sounds of the highest quality.

From the beginning of his adventure with music as a DJ he has played many clubs in his town such as Alibi, Antidotum, Bajer, Coffee Planet, Loft, Vulevu and in 2007-2008 he was a resident DJ at the club Oscars Cafe in Stratford, where he developed his skills and had the opportunity to play with such well-know briish DJs like Anthone Brooks, Paul Morrell, Scruby, Sheila, Wardy.

In his mixes draws a lot attention to the selection of music and technique of mixing, presenting energetic, sensual and melodic house music with a lot of vocals, piano and saxophone. While performing experiments with live music by the addition of known samples and acapellas from other tracks and thus creating a new sounds, at the same time giving the audience a positive energy that carries with his music.

Following his own path in the pursuit of dreams, some time ago he began to train and take his first steps in music production. With consistency in action he believes that hard work will bring the desired results and great satisfaction.

    • Type: Bootleg
    • 124 bpm
    • Wrocław, Polska
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