There's no better way to celebrate USBXR 15th show... It's hard to find smart words to express this Honour..yes BIG Time.. only Techno Lovers understand what #onlybombs means and of course I'd like to share this immense privilege with all you my dear fans & friends. I have to say it's amazingly shocking when one realizes how kindness and humility can make a BIG one even Greater... This time for you all the way from #onlybombs universe & @autektone Mastermind my brother Manuelle Tessarollo aka T78 playing an exclusive DJ set plenty of fuckin #onlybombs for USBXR. Enjoy T78 for first show hour then its me playing show closing session .. Enjoy my Friends

Introducing Artist #1 of 2 for USBXR#15
Meet the Artist
T78 aka Mr. #onlybombs aka Manuel Tessarollo is an Italian producer with an intensive background in the music industry. This can be heard by his unique approach to Techno, combined with outstanding production quality and his energetic on stage performances, which made him rise rapidly into the scene. In January 2020, T78 had 10 tracks flying around in the Beatport Techno top 100, claiming the #1 spot with ‘Hardcore’ (with Dino Maggiorana) . This wasn’t an exception as the entire 2019 his releases had high entries in the techno charts, staying and re-entering regularly, which made him overall #10 of bestselling Techno artist for Beatport that year! His singles aren’t just being supported by DJ’s like Carl Cox, Pan Pot, Ritchie Hawtin, Amelie Lens and many more -millions of fans around the world like to stream his music too! With average listeners of 550.000+ each month on Spotify and tracks like ‘Megator’, ‘Acid Lick’ or his remix for Christian Cambas ‘The Outsiders’, that have reached over 3 or even 4 millions streams His skills are not limited to producing. He is also a highly skilled DJ, his sets are always an exciting spectacle as he perfectly connects with the crowd while delivering his own productions. T78 is a perfect example how to create an amazing vibe for a good "mood party". T78 has raised the bar yet again for 2020 with his own label Autektone. In just three years the label managed to be #13 best selling Techno Label at Beatport.
His unique way and approach of techno combined with his outstanding level of production quality made him rise rapidly in the scene.
His skills are not limited to producing. He is also a highly skilled DJ! T78 sets are exciting, filled with his productions like Blast-Attak, Fisto, Acid Lick and the remix of “All the hurts we made” for the legendary Moby, combined with exclusive tracks from fellow producing friends. T78 has a superb way of connecting with his audience and taking them on an intense musical journey with high energetic grooves, which never seem to fail!!
His weekly podcast has amassed an impressive following in a short time; -Autektone, the planet's voice- is a weekly showcase of all the best new tracks doing it for T78

Introducing Artist #2 of 2 for USBXR#15
Meet the Artist

Mario Benavides, aka X-Raum, a German word that means "Space" is a DJ and producer from Bogotá - who attending as Raver, during his stay of several years on a study mission in Austria, knows the electronic music scene in Vienna, Berlin, Amsterdam, and other European cities. Thus, influenced by the sounds and masters of the German school of Techno and Elektro, such as Anthony Rother, Ascii.Disko, DJ Hell, Sven Väth, Fidelity Kastrow and Jonty SkruFFF he decided that TECHNO would be something important besides his career as an Architect.
X-Raum has been venturing into the world of DJing since 2005 as a passionate music selector to play live and to record sessions for Radio Podcast. His performance characterized by hypnotic sounds, strong Kicks, and deep basslines and acid melodies creates an indescribable sound trip.
at present, X-Raum has a very dynamic activity as guest DJ in different specialized Techno events in some clubs in Bogotá and nationwide in Colombia. In addition to several appearances on radio shows and worldwide podcasts, also he is part of the staff as Resident DJ of several radio stations in Europe and USA
Resident DJ at Fnoob Techno Radio
Resident DJ at Techno Connection UK Underground FM
Resident DJ at Wjzdradio Detroit
Resident DJ at Quest London Radio
Resident DJ at Underground Militia Web Radio
Resident Dj at Keepers of the Labyrinth
Recently X-Raum conducts his own shows called Underground Sessions by X-Raum on Fnoob Techno Global Underground Radio and Hot Tropic Techno Latin American & Colombian talent radio show on Quest London Radio


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