Profile description of Order Of The Muffin:

Order Of The Muffin (OOM) started his musical journey as a teenager, listening to various electronic styles which provided the overwhelming feeling of belonging somewhere. Eventually finding his place in the music. Where all the people are united, no boundaries, no limits, no discriminations, no prejudice. Just freedom, love, excitement and total abandonment.
Being part of Macedonian’s history of electronic music, the alternative scene of producers and DJ pioneers, as well as learning from various world wide musicians, he was seduced by their hypnotic, intoxicating, dynamic, fascinating, groundbreaking, genuine rhythms. Today you can hear his form of expression and be a part of his inner energy, spirit and artistic soul through the music which narrates the story about life itself, the ups and downs, sadness and happiness, darkness and brightness, unfortunate and painful, melancholic and sorrowful. Forever evolving from brutal to passionate.
Many labels, internet radio stations, and electronic music lovers recognised his unique talent and continue to support his journey. i.e. DistractAir, Robota, Elektrodos, Bass Agenda Radio, Dark Science Electro, Digital Distortions, Futuremusic FM, Oscilator-O????????, Noisevandals, White Noise, Ground Zero. Nikola Zhevair aka Order Of The Muffin continues his unselfish contribution to the alternative scene injecting further releases, radio podcasts and live appearances. Be prepared for more unpredictable, stunning, eclectic, heartfelt, invigorating, seductive, masterful sounds.

-Elektrodos Recordings (Spain)
-Digital Distortions (UK)
-Crobot Muzik (Croatia/UK)
-Technological Records (Italy)
-Adriatiko Recordings/ Psihometron (Bosnia and Herzegovina , Sarajevo)
-Bass Agenda Recordings (UK)
-Anti Gravity Device (Tokyo, Japan)
-Body Control Records (US)
-Borg Recordings (UK)
-Urban Connections (Spain)
-Oyabun Trax (UK) - OOM
-Elastic Beatz (US)
-Freaky Troopers (FR)
-Next Dimension Music (US)
-Enigmatic Output (Accidental Melody - Rusty Robot OOM Techno Rezistor Edit)

-Bass Agenda Radio
-Dark Science Electro
-Digital Distortions
-futuremusic FM
-Oscilator - O????????
-White Noise
-Selection Sorted
-808 BOX
-Fnoob Radio (Electronic Propaganda)
-Electric Kingdom Magazine

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