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son of resteramtuer and jazz musician freddy bastone sr..freddy was constantly around music and nightlife . at hm drum battles with his father and at the resterant where at the time det. and wise guys hung side by side.
from playing his first gtr )flying v) to his first yr. in high school getting into djing at there hight of the disco euro electronic age. learning the sckills from high school friend marquise quinines.
playing high school dances to him to his 1st major nyc gig at trax , then to danceteria where rudolf (the worlds biggest club entrenepenuar,and diane brill(designer) noticed his talents on a cassette tape that was given to owner john argento.
that is where the talents paid off .leading to major parties a residentory at danceteria hamptons for 5 danceteria lasted 6 yrs.
in that time landing a promotion job and studio conseleor to john lungo (the original remixer).
then to a7r at profile (paul hard castle,#1rainforest#1).
learning the rope4s he offered head of a&r r at emergency records under curtis urban and sergio Cossa . (classic house track , blazé “wat cha gonna do”,taffy “love my radio”#1
this was the end of the danceteria yrs and the start of the palladium (steve rubell)era where he had a residency for 6 yrs. playing sat. + fri.
his own prod. work and messing with samples led to the release of there now famed first sample track to go #1“the real life” by corporation of one (alias),#1 europe,top od the pops UK. while in the uk it was here that he became a leading remixer with frankie goes to hollywood , boy george , commurards,/ jackson 5 , temptations pops was a rolling stone, (motown remix lp), billy idol ,robert palmer,george micheal , pretty much who didn’t he mix . also this time was at this time he got a deal with polypro uk and pub deal with mca uk.all this while having his first child (political anylist)freddy bastone 3rd
success was fast and furious with yuki wantanabi opening marz in nyc ,where freddy had a residency on fri. with mentor mark kamins playing sat. yuki brought him to japan where he began a love affair with the japanese audience returning three times in that same yr. to open at the time the reck davy club genesis (where technics offered him the new 1200 cd player where he learnt on the fly to a live audience to play it. not knowing the language would make him do non authodox tricks for coming home to play it for the US audience (1st to use cd player).
mgmt. problems led to bob caviano taking over and bringing him to studio 54 to play opposite larry levan (paradise garage).
this is also the time where freddy was approached by club friend (actor)micheal santoro to get into some acting classes at lee strasberg’s assistants marcia hertfrect class. where the classes became more then acting but therapy for the 26 yr. old.
he knew something was rite as he was being asked to do supporting parts in off off brod which in a yrs time led to lead roles. most note worthy “the bear (chekov), hurly-burly + lie of the mind(rabe) ,
he signed with a agent and got his first audition on ny undercover.
the acting in no way got in the way of music as he became a radio jock on lir’s off the boat ,where he introduced new music from all over the world on sunday nights with the stations denis macnamara. and became a even bigger presence on the nyc #1 station at the time hot 103 doing HOT MIXES , that to this day r hugely requested(we got to release these on legit mix***)
95 to 2000 was a a&r and remix hit time with epic ,hired as a consultant (will to power ) full house “communicate”
emrgency/ quarke -taffy love my radio / blasé watcgha goon do.
# remixes taffy /will to power , when in rome , zgeorge micheal , voices in fashion , yes , ro stewart, m.jacckson ect.
atlantic + nu shoos (mixed and signed, brilliant (somebody)
main clubs merlins , 4d opera & opera AFTERHRS.,mr. fuji’s mount tauk manner,NV ,push , lebarbat ,there r others / and live radio shows = hot 103 mix /live mix show.
LIR off the boat (a import / or new band show)
2000 we’re the bastone +burns yrs. with 6 #1’s +10 top 10s.
jamioqui , res , booboomboom , rod stewart , justin timberlake , j lo , jewal, telepop music , missey elliot , common , tittyyo and hall&oats.
also bastone&burnz (a night of bad behavior)
Died live mix from the John Argento’s Sandbar (jersey city) on hote 10
now main clubs , sand bar , imperial rm., viesta , mohegan sun ,zeppelin hall , sapphire.
nofiltr rec. &prod. : Documentary , Corporation of One , All Knight Kemist , Bastone , Halo , Ishan , Safire and more
2013 till....recent mixes : Local Natives ,Atoms For Peace , adele , gil scott heron , Billy Idol ,Roger Taylor queen , allan a , gia , beyonce , leretta holiday , sky , radio head , bryan ferry Pdiddy , David Bowie , have more....?

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