“Comfortable Shoes”

Music and Mix by Brad Hopkins (soundcloud.com/bradhopkins)
Lyrics and Vocals by Wild Christopher (soundcloud.com/wild-christopher-lyrics)
Additional Keys by Jerry Lochman (soundcloud.com/time2cclear)
Organ by Jamie Rhind (soundcloud.com/jamie-rhind)

We all take some time
To settle on in
Get comfy in our own skin

We try to be cool
We try to out shine
We like to think this world is mine
All mine

Well now I’m a little bit older
I find it’s all right
To just be me
And you be you

I might not be a rock star
Might not ever go too far
From this moment with you

But no matter how far I travel
I’m sliding into my comfortable shoes
My comfortable shoes

If I’m not a rock star
In my comfortable shoes
Don’t worry
If that’s the truth
I won’t sing the blues
As long as I can sing to you
To you

On the front porch
Swinging with you
Knowing life’s secret truths
It’s the little things

Laughter and loving
Caring and hugging
Holding on to you
And sliding into my comfortable shoes
My comfortable shoes

Photo by flic.kr/p/L15vhN
Written by Chris Barnett for Questionable Enterprises LLC. © 2016

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