In ancient times, every tribe had a shaman who was the medecine man and spiritual leader of the community. Often under the influence of locally produced drugs such as Mescaline or Ayahuasca or Iboga, in ecstatic trances, the shaman would bring back from the spiritual world key knowledge that would help his fellow tribesmen. As society developed, so did organised religion and the shamen were locked up and kept away as 'madmen' while priests and vicars served the rulers and books took over from the ancient medecines. In recent times we have seen club culture develop and society has taken an about turn. Banging to the beat of a shamanic drum, DJs have taken the place of the local choirs as people seek to trance out in the company of others in raves and nightclubs. We have gone full circle and today's shaman is the DJ. Welcome to a mix of tribal sounds from the 21st Century. Go into a trance and in your state of bliss remember the ancients...

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