WE FORFEIT know how to do Christmas. Long silences with loved ones, gritted teeth and processed ham. In this tradition, and that of making some mixes to ease the season, the lads are back at the stocking filling coalface to bring listeners messages of love and music. Through fictitious serendipity, a hackneyed flair for rhyming couplets and a fair bit of organisation, Robbie and Chris have a very special guest for their third show on Madrid’s Radio Relativa: Astro Chicken’s Hyboid. Expect two hours of hard hitting questions, insight into Hyboid’s influences and inspirations, his creative process, unheard music, guilty pleasures and the answers to the issues of our time.

A chill on a…

Dark December night, a cold wind whips the city,
The pavements soaked, roads wet, dirty and gritty.
Winter claws a lone passenger, a passenger who hurtles through the rain,
A passenger who feels no misery, a passenger who feels no pain.
Disembarking, the collar is given a flick,
Chris’ head is down, his step is quick.

This Christmas weather bites to the bone
And our intrepid traveller is not set for home.
He’s off recording a two hour set,
One filled with electronic music and banter I’ll bet.
The streets are dark and the headphones are in,
Chris’ attention is grabbed, “Could that lad be my twin?”

Thud. Confusion. A bump between two.
“Pardon Me”, “Aye, wait, Hyboid, is that you?
The head of Astro Chicken? In our neighbourhood?”
“Doing some sightseeing, but a warm house would be good.”
“Well you’re in luck, my mate lives ‘round here,
We’re doing a radio show, would ya pull up a chair?”
“Questions and music, sound good to me!”
“Synth Pop. Electro. And a decent cup of tea!”

Warm sounds fill Robbie’s house, a buzzer cuts,
“Who’s tha? Yeah, come on up, no ifs or buts!”
“Brutal night, who’s that you’re playing?”
“Some Hyboid tracks, for an interview I’d be praying!”
“Well let me tell ya, those prayers have been answered,
You’re not gonna guess who I just encountered!”

O Saints be praised, O Heaven. O Joy,
It was like the WE FORFEIT lads were again but a boy.
With Hyboid they sat and warmly nattered,
Music, a snifter of port, nothing in the world mattered,
Questions, answers and a tasty cheeseboard
Christmas merriment and laughter to the sound of an electronic music record.
A glut of audio presents left under the polythene tree,
Festive fun and musical frolics from this happy three.

Thanks Hyboid!

Happy Christmas everyone! – WE FO FO FO FORFEIT

Tracklist / Interview Questions ::

Intro :: From the laps (Bitmapped)
Starlight Hammer Sounds :: Turrican 2 (Astro Chicken)
Hyboid :: Telepath Or Psychopath (Aspecto Humano)
Hyboid :: Trip To NGC891 2 (Astro Chicken)
Anbau :: Disco Z (Aspecto Humano)
Question 1 :: For our listeners who might not know, how is Hyboid and what is Astro Chicken Records?
Question 2 :: So when did you set up the label?
Hyboid :: Dr. Dabic’s Pain Amplifier
Risk Risk :: Digital Love
Sternrekorder :: Sugarshaker
Question 3 :: And how long have you been producing music?
Hyboid :: Space Haze
Hyboid as Erwin Eiswürfel :: Roboterbrösel (Störgeräusche aus dem Evangelium)
Question 4 :: So what are your early influences? What three records really stand out from these influences?
Klaus Doldinger :: Das Boot
Paso Doble :: Computerliebe
Caustic Window :: Italic Eyeball
Question 5 :: And who is influencing you nowadays?
Jan Hammer Group :: Don’t You Know
Bernard Fevre :: Max Stroke
Telex :: En Route Vers De Nouvelles Aventures
Question 6 :: As Hyboid you have released five albums. What draws you to the LP medium instead of EP?
Hyboid :: Terrör of the Üniverse (Intro)
Hyboid :: Les Aventures des Synthés
Question 7 :: How are you producing your music? What machines are you using?
Hyboid :: Crystal of the Ancients
Question 8 :: Tell us about your recently released album, Silent Signals has just hit the shops. What is this fifth album about? How is it different to your previous LPs?
Hyboid :: Starcrush
Hyboid :: Strange Signals
Hyboid :: Future Fever
Question 9 :: We are here in Madrid, can you tell us about the time you played here? Will you be back soon?
Question 10 :: What does the future hold for you? The label?
Hyboid :: Apocalypse in Neon
Hyboid and the Astro Chicken Allstars :: Untitled
Question 11 :: What are your predictions for electronic music in the future?
Question 12 :: To end, what about a guilty pleasure track?
Jon & Vangelis :: I’ll find My Way Home

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