CHRIS & ROBBIE’s Madrid takeover
Robbie’s choices come from two sets that the WE FORFEIT men did here in Madrid in 2019. Each month Music and Chips takes over Ballesta club and opens its arms, and decks, to those with a bit of vinyl running in their veins. Attempting to follow a similarly banging vein to Chris, Robbie has chosen some big boned bruisers, dizzy eyed ravers and leather jacket stompers alongside synth pop dreamers and glow stick purveyors.

Tracklist ::
Rude 66 :: On The Edge Of Time (Bordello A Parigi)
V :: Faux (Nautilus Rising)
Philipp Gorbachev :: To The Last Station (PG Tune)
Ike Yard :: Cherish 8 (Arnaud Rebotini Remix) (Desire)
Ratchett Traxxx :: Ill Muthafucka Alert (Ratchett Traxxx)
Anthony Parasole :: Bang The Drum (Dekmantel UFO Series)
Techno Bert ‎:: Neue Dimensionen (Mannequin)
Kirlian Camera :: Edges (ZYX Records)
R-Zone :: Ship Of Tears (R-Zone)
Zozi :: Mellow Vibe (1080p)
Future Four :: Phase 2 (Phantasy Sound)
Neville Watson :: Songs To Elevate Pure Hearts (KiNK & Rachel) (Crème Organization)
Trance Wax :: Trance 14 (Trance Wax)
Yourhighness :: La Bahía Erotíca (Rollerboys)
PBR Streetgang :: Late Night Party Line (Streetgang Jams)

    Techno, ACID, EBM Electronic Body Music, Electro, Rave, Trance Techno Classics, House, disco, italo disco
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