Chris cracks open this audio treat with some electro from two masters. Although Anthony Rother isn’t as prolific as he once was, “Human Made” is a wonderful example of what he is capable of. I’ve gushed enough about the kon001 remix of Stingray which is lovingly combined with Ceephax Acid Grew. Analogical Force, one of the best labels around these days and from here in Madrid, is represented by the loose acid grooves of Guavid before a classic from the Eevolute vaults. Class is the only word to describe Mike Dred aka The Kosmik Kommando, who I actually got to chat with when he played Analogical Force. If you don’t own Frequenseize yet, get on discogs now! Sadly the pressing quality isn’t too hot but it’s an amazing release. Leipzig’s YUYAY offer a colder slant before Balil’s incredible “Parasight” closes Chris’ segment.

Robbie follows with six helpings from a label that gathered musicians from Europe and the United States. New Electronica did what few other labels did, sum up a truly global spirit of techno. The imprint was set up by Tim Millington and ran from 1993 to 1998 and scoured the UK, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, the US and beyond to define electronic music. Robbie tracked down some of the compilations years back, mostly from this site which strangely still exists some fifteen years on and now seems to be giving football tips. The collection of tracks is inspired by Chris’ selection and a recent mix of halcyon techno from Lerosa. Everything is taken from the four compilations Robbie has and he tried to pick out tracks from lesser known entities, like Kumulus, with some hidden alias, such as Dan Curtain as Planetary and Richard H. Kirk as Sandos, alongside some bigger bangers from Underground Resistance and a lost beaut from Scattered Minds. They’re slippery ole numbers to mix and pretty old records so please forgive any burps or surface noise.

As always, mixed with devotion from vinyl. WE FORFEIT.

Tracklist ::
Anthony Rother :: Human Made (Kanzleramt)
Guavid :: Groovy (Analogical Force)
Stingray 313 :: eRbB4 (KON001 remix) (Lower Parts)
Sophus y Lie :: Enclosing Envelope Agenda (Yuyay)
Wladimir M:: Evil (Eevolute)
The Kosmik Kommando :: Deus Ex Machina (Rephlex)
Balil :: Parasight (Warp)
Ceephax Acid Crew :: Berlin Trip (WeMe)
Russ Gabriel :: Peace For Thought (New Electronica)
Kumulus :: Cloud Chaser (String Mix) (New Electronica)
Planetary :: Cydonia (New Electronica)
Sandoz :: Ocean Reflection (New Electronica)
Underground Resistance :: The Final Frontier (New Electronica)
Separate Minds :: Scattered Thoughts (New Electronica)

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    IDM, Techno, Electronica
    • 125 bpm
    • Key: Gbm
    • Madrid, España
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