This tune, I wrote it years ago when I was alone and rejected by someone I loved. I made it over a New Year's holiday break. She said I was "the love of her life", but I heard her tell that to lots of other guys. She treated me like something less than human. Like whatever is that's lower than dirt. So, this song was born out of years of heartbreak + rumors. Cue cringy lyrics:

I got lost in the fanfare... somewhere in here.
(But) Somewhere in here, I'm alive.
So, reel in the New Year. Wrestle an old fear.
Straightfaced and sincere. One more time.

When the sun goes down in the city. When the lights go out,
I'm alone, alone, alone.

So, fall for the twisted. Relive the descent.
The grapevine is sick, yeah? (Rumour-wise.)
But, who here will notice? Who here will even care?
When hearts drown in poison and choke on lies?


    Acoustic Electronic, acoustic, electronic, glitch, guitar, original, texas, music, pop, jazz, weird, indie, indietronic, sun, city, lights, alone
    • 130 bpm
    • Key: Bb
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