Profile description of Vykhod Sily/Выход Силы:

"Выход" (vykhod) literally means "the way out" in Russian. "Силы" (sily derived from "сила") means "force", "power", "strength". So the slavic title of the podcast is tightly interlinked with the musical concept. The music is the power and drum'n'bass is the force (сила) which is being released through a certain way (выход). So with all that VS is a strong and powerful channel for releasing musical force both through podcast and digital label.

  • a podcast launched by Rustee (Special Request Crew) back in 2013 to push 85/170 BPM things. Aired/uploaded every Thursday at at 5 pm (GMT);
  • a digital label launched in 2017 and focused on dark and deep 85/170 BPM electronica;
  • wordlwide community (listeners,DJ's,producers);
  • undeground music news blog covering all the main social media platforms.
    Drum & Bass
    • 169 bpm
    • Key: Abm
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