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Waza was a stray cat, captured by municipality officers and then placed in my shelter.....where she got stucked for years.
And fortunately we keep every cats, even thoose of her behaviour.
Because the problem when you get stray cats out of the street, they can easily adapt if the place you allow them to stay is more practical and cumfortable than what they had, But while placing them in a shelter, it's not a better place at all.
It is even hell on earth for some of them sometimes.
Even in these conditions, most of the cats could re-adapt and progress in socialisation and get adopted.
But some don't.
This is the story of Waza the Bee who remained independent and uncorruptable for years.....since she finally got adopted....and there everything changed all of a sudden.
The stray cat finally turned into the perfect home cat.
Too bad it took so much time to happen.
But during all these times, i could take care of Waza, and she somehow became some symbol of my fight for cats.

    Deep House, Progressive House, Progressive DeepHouse, Melodic House, Deep Techno
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    • Key: Cm
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