Profile description of DeeJay Random (THE STEEL DEVILS):

DeeJay Random (The Steel Devils) first learnt to scratch at the age of 14 and has been a hip-hop/scratch DJ, professionally, since 1986. His style is un-orthodox, to say the least, and is usually pretty aggressive. He loves to cut breaks and trash funk records, fuck around with strange drum breaks, battle geeks and smash to pieces anyone stupid enough to try and fuck him over. His un-orthodoxness will carnagerize any wishy washy bullshit you may think you have invented.
He has entered all of the major international and national DJ competitions of any note, represented the United Kingdom in international DJ warfare and gained fairly respectable results in all of them, some of these include the Technics/DMC world DJ championships, The UK DMC team championships (with his DJ team "The Steel Devils"), The ITF eastern hemisphere category battles, The Vestax DJ competition, The DMC European DJ championships etc, etc...
As well as playing some of the most prestigious venues in the country, He has supported and played alongside with some of the biggest names in Hip-Hop including Jazzy Jeff, The Jungle Brothers, Supernatural and DJ Noise, DJ Pogo, DJ Biznizz, Cutmaster Swift (The Enforcers), TY, Diversion Tactics, DJ Jazz T, DJ Woody, Prime cuts, Tony vegas, Plus one (The Scratch perverts), Rodney P, The Mixologists, DJ Jazzy Jay, Grand wizzard Theodore, The Original Jazzy Jay DJ, Lootpack, P-Trix, Vinroc, DJ Vadim, Diversion Tactics, J-Zone, Huggy Bear, Al shid, Skinnyman as well as a fuckload more.

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