Waaaaay back in the very early 90's, I hooked up with a bunch of DJ's called The Shy Boyz. They were all completely mad. They were all Hardcore/Early Jungle DJ's. At the time, I had just become a DMC champion and they were fascinated by my scratching and mixing techniques. I spent a lot of my "nights off" hanging around with these guys, DJing with them, Scratching at their parties and, let's be honest, getting absolutely hammered with them. I also did a lot of illegal parties with strange groups of New Age Travellers and assorted other lunatics. I loved every minute of it. They eventually set up their own pirate radio station, Radioactive FM...notorious throughout Surrey, and played on there many times. It was great fun. In 2004, Radioactive bounced back and I was asked to play there, alongside some of the other DJ's that played on there and warmed up for DJ Slipmatt. It was a great night and I was honoured to do it. This set is recorded with the original records that I had managed to salvage. Those records had seen some SERIOUS action and if they could speak, I'd probably be arrested.
This set is dedicated to DJ Pure (RIP), DJ Moose (RIP), DJ Naughty and the rest of The Shy Boyz. Thank you for the good times.

    12:40   The Prodigy - B. Your Love
    30:20   Spiral Tribe - Seven
    55:20   Acen - The Life and Crimes Of A Ruffneck

    Hardcore, rave, jungle, 1991, hardcore
    • Type: DJ-Set
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