Something different. My first attempt at creating an orchestral atmosphere via midi plug ins. I remember hearing how majestic the Who Song "I'm Free" sounded when performed by Roger Daltrey with the London Symphony Orchestra and pondered creating orchestral sounds. Anyway I used Cubase to sequence the music along with some decent orchestral plugings and the lyrics are shown below:
Requiem for the missing

Though everyday is the same for me
Time is but a marker accrued
I still record a diary entry
Even though it may never be viewed

I made it clear to my family
That I might never to return
Missing in service recorded for me
for reasons that they might never learn

A heroes welcome on return perhaps
not an outcome of reality
time may soon deal me a slow relapse
I cling to hope to save my sanity

Now its only a matter of time
Before I vanish into infinity
Is ending it right now a crime
My next of kin please remember me

What must be must be
Please remember me

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