The multi talented musician and producer Stefman Kruger (AKA Rock Flexible) from Germany created an instrumental track known as cafe. He and invited people who follow his work to come up with their own vocals and lyrics to add them to the track. I did just that, and you can hear the result. The lyrics I created are based on a sinister real life event in the USA, and are shown below.

In Seatle Washington
Customers were walking there
to a Diner, Cafe racer
Forthcoming terror unaware

It was a venue adorned in art
which would appeal to me and you
somewhere very mellow
with musical performers too

May the 30th 2012
just before 11 O Clock
Stawicki came through the door
and began to stare at them

The staff had seen him before
One time he'd been thrown out
Then he walked near to the door
next thing he turned about

shot a man in the back of the head
Who fell across the floor
the exit blocked by the dead
He turned his gun on more

A man picked up a stool
hurled it caused a turnabout
picked another and charged the fiend
helped some patrons to get out

In an execution style
Three more lives were lost
He took a victims hat,
In the cafe holocaust

He took another life
A woman in a parking lot
then decided his should go
And took one final shot

    Rock, Synth, Keyboards, Rock Flexible, Graeme, Vocal, USA, Shootings, cafe, murder
    • 87.5 bpm
    • Key: D
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