Profile description of Ingo Vogelmann:

To Ingo Vogelmann music is living, not only as a part of his every day routine, but as the driving force of his existence. Whether spending hours discovering new music, writing and recording his own productions, editing and mastering for other musicians, or just enjoying the sounds that surround him, Ingo's life is intertwined with the music he loves. It's his communication to the world, his avenue for expressing the stories that need to be told, and his connection with those who feel the same.

Waking up with melodies in his head, he creates music that comes to him subconsciously, music that is necessary to tell the tale of mankind and our place on this planet. His palette is unlimited and unrestricted; as a classically trained instrumentalist he produces and performs the music that comes to him in whatever form that may be, regardless of genre or style. If the music is asking to be shared, he will tell its story.

In the studio, Ingo is a wizard of sound, handling the entire process of production from writing, to performing, to mastering, with care and attention to the minute details of the music and aural experience. With 8 albums and over 150 singles and remixes, he is consistently creating something fresh. The studio is where his love truly shines through, where he shares his messages through the music, and the magic of sound is given the space to shine.

This passion carries beyond the studio and into the DJ booth, where Ingo's electronic music expressions connect deeply with the audience, inspiring interaction with the crowd as a part of the greater picture they build together. He creates a vibrant scene full of deep beats and transformative melodies, enveloping the space and leading them into an unforgettable experience. From the moment he gets behind the decks, his music talks: "Come with me, I have something to show you, a story to tell." This story may evolve throughout the night, based on feedback from the audience and the journey they want to go on, and Ingo Vogelmann is always ready to take them wherever that may lead.

No matter what form his music takes, Ingo Vogelmann is always ready to share it, with seemingly unlimited dedication and devotion. Tune in to his sound, and experience the messages that come from the depths of the music.

Born in Germany and becoming a global traveler who has lived all across Europe and Asia, Ingo Vogelmann always takes the music with him, and is always sharing that music with us through his many channels. Stay tuned to experience the next part of his epic musical journey - we may not know where the path will lead, but it will surely sound good along the way.

    Pablo Bolivar & Mastra Feat. Saxtom - Not Jet
    Spennu - You & Me (Steve Menta Remix)
    Uone - Connections (Marcus Meinhardt Remix)
    Helly Larson - Circle
    Sergey Shturman - Mechanism
    Paul Hazendonk - In The Dark (Hubert Kirchner Remix)
    Pablo Bolivar & Mastra Feat. Bernard Siffert - Zak Zak
    Number9 - The Night Of The Hunter
    Lusine - Two Dots (Alfonso Muchacho Remix)
    Mike Griego - Detune Me
    Sasha - Xpander (Neil Browne Remix)
    Ingo Vogelmann - Monkeys
    Knights Templar - Inside Outside
    Chaty Tamez Gabriel I - My Escape (Dave Seaman Remix)
    London Grammar - Interlude (Antrim Unofficial Remix)
    Dale Hooks - Forest Groove
    Dark Soul Project - The Man, The Fish, And The Red Carpet
    Knights Templar - Immuno Kinetic
    Ewan Rill & Anton Ttx - Reason To Live (Advent's Rising Laidback Mix)
    Filipe Neves & M.Rodriguez - Anybody Can
    Ewan Rill - Artificial Life

    • Type: DJ-Set
    • Release Date: 2014-08-06
    • TIME, 7840 Makati Avenue, Makati, Manila, Philippines
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