Guido's Lounge Cafe Broadcast #448 Self Confidence

This trip goes around the world and back, cruising at a speed around 110 bpm, just chilling and go with it.
Music has to reunite, and gives the listener a good feeling
These mixes are created to help the artists to find more interest in there music by the music lovers all around the world
Give them a bigger platform....They deserve this!

For track lists and more info on the artists:

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    00:00 Ann Grace - Intro(Calma)
    01:15 Pier-O - Self Confidence
    06:12 Jens Buchert - Helios 3 (Mind Flux Mix)
    10:25 Sommer Sun - Market Colours
    12:58 Duke B Marga Sol - Falling into Existence (Instrumental Mix)
    15:57 Five Seasons - Sky City
    20:53 Sommer Sun - West Sahara
    23:48 Marc Hartman - Jazzlike
    27:49 Hird - Keep you Kimi
    32:45 Coout - My Space
    37:01 Chris Le Blanc - The Eyes of Revelation
    40:32 Nikko Sunset - Singapore (Prophet Remix)
    44:37 Gary B - Afterglow
    49:00 The Bahama Soul Club - But rich rhythms
    55:07 Mo' horizons - Bosshannover
    59:29 Polished Chrome - Circle

    Chillout, downtempo, Lounge, Guido's Lounge Cafe
    • Type: Podcast
    • Brisbane City, Australia
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